Variety interior design materials at affordable prices- wall panels,wall papers,Accessories 


         Interior designs are the science of understanding behaviour to help property owners to create functional rooms including the shape of walls, floors,etc. Professional interior designer should know about interior architecture .It is the furnishing of a space with beautiful things.An interior decorator recommends changing the layout of furniture. Interior design makes interior space safe,functional and beautiful. Color,space,texture, line ,pattern light of interior designs increases the beauty. A good interior design improves space by making it better suited to its purpose. You should determine your budget for designing a should think about the house placement. Match the home to your lifestyle. 

     Designing a home is an incredible opportunity. You can create a perfect space that’s perfectly suited to your lifestyle. You should determine your budget.Your budget will affect your decision. You should think about energy savings.write a brief for the architect.Interior design improves your space.It introduces people to beauty, relaxation, etc.

        It helps the person to learn a lot about the space.maximise your space with interior design. It enhances the quality of life.Proper interior designers are highly trained professionals. Designers make spaces more functional and appealing. The best design is effective, efficient and beautiful. 

    Wall papers are paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide decorative is used in interior decoration to decorate interior walls of domestic and public buildings. It can be bought in rolls .We can apply it onto a wall using wallpaper paste.wall paper printing techniques containing surface printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, digital printing and rotary printing. 

     We can see a place where we get different types of wallpapers at low price.It is in metalex galleria, wayanad. We can purchase all interior products at affordable prices.Different types of wall panels and accessories are available here.latest interior designs are here. 

Charcoal wall panel design 

    Corean and Chinese charcoal materials are here. Chinese charcol fade easily. But Korean charcoal designs are long lasting materials. It has good color has 8 feet length and 2 feet width.variety models are available. 10 volumes are available. 1 volume has 90 colour variations. It doesn’t have rusting problems. They used rubber,pvc,powder and paper to make it. We can use it only for interior has Rs 100 – 200 / square feet 

Natural stone panel 

    It is natural stone.It is cut and made like mica and form panels.They apply it to resin. Variety models are available. These are natural stone finished materials. We can use it in the interior, it has Rs 90 to 190/ square feet. 

Leather panels

    These are artificial leather has Rs 150 to 1500.yoy can select it for one portion. Variety designs are available. 

Wooden panels

     Small wood pieces are paste in a cloth like 3D effect.They used 4 feet length ,2 feet width cloth to it. It can be used for paneling. We can use it for cabin back paneling,guest room,TV wall unit. a variety of 350 designs are available. 3D patterns are also can use it for royal touch. It has Rs 300 to 500. 

Metallic panels

    Brass panels are available. These materials are imported from Brazil.we can use it as accessories. 

Bamboo panels are available here.They make a groove in the charcoal sheet and paste brass or acrylic strips. They customize these types of products. We can use it as a wall panel. It is a 6mm sheet. It has a Rs 3500 / 1 panel.

Wall papers

    Different  quality wallpapers are available. 1 roll is 57 square feet. 1 roll has Rs 175. 1 square feet has Rs 5.These wall papers are quality materials. Different designs are available. Clothes feel classic design wall paper is available. 1 roll has Rs 450. 

3D panel

    They used 8mm multi wood and embossed it. We can paint it .It is waterproof material.  So you can use it in exterior uses. It is pvc board has 8 feet length and 4 feet width.  It has Rs Rs 2950/ sheet. All sheets are available in white color. You can paint it as you wish. 74 designs are available. Paper based panels are available.  You can use it in temporary designs. 



    Different types of Fountains are available here. Above 100 designs are available here.Resin designs are available.  It starts from Rs 4500 to 11500.

Kitchen designs

     Acrylic kitchen designs are available. They used branded materials. They provide an 11 years warranty.  They use Hafele brands. They provide accessories 


     Handmade and imported clocks are available. Imported materials are weightless. Indian materials have quality. Metal ,wooden clocks are available.  It starts from Rs 2400.2D,3D design mirrors are available. Variety models are available. Differences of wall arts are available. Small to large wall arts are available.  It starts from Rs 175 to 3500.


Single, large guns are available.  It starts from Rs 900. 

    Different types of frames,pots, flower vases are available.  Vases start at Rs 150.Multi Wood, steel,metal,GI CMC are available. 14 Variety trees are available. Different metal wall arts are available 


   Onyx,granites are available.  It starts from Rs 30. All colors are available. Macryn swings are available. Artificial vertical garden materials are available.  It starts from Rs 300/ square feet.  Interior and exterior materials are available. Different types of chains are available. It starts at Rs 4000/ set without wood.Wooden stairs are available .you can fix it above metals. 


    Different types of locks are available.  Double door,single door locks, brazz handles are available. Brazz locks start at Rs 60. Mica laminates are available. Plywood, multiwood are available. Variety models sofa legs, wardrobe handles, kitchen cupboard handles are available.  Large handles start at Rs 2000.

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