Variety Budget friendly house – 1600 square feet,4 bedrooms


       Budget friendly houses are perfect for families for saving amounts. An affordable house needs good planning. Everyone has a dream to make a beautiful house at low prices. Its plan should not be an expensive task.A home with simple layout is the cheapest type of house to build. You can build  a beautiful  house at an affordable price. You can select  cement flooring. You can use recycled  wood.Building a house is an expensive project. Mostly it includes labor or material should have a clear idea about the materials.Recycling old materials helps to keep the cost as low as possible. 

      You can build a bar counter made with bricks ,stones .The outdoors where the furniture is exposed to the natural elements. You can select cement flooring.  You can easily maintain it and it is easy to install. You can use concrete on walls to give a modern industrial look to the rooms.It is an affordable option. It is a free maintenance option also.

      Wood is an ideal material. You can use it for building a roof over a terrace. Instead of using new wood,you can use recycled old planks and beams. You can buy these materials at lower can use ready-made concrete blocks for building can construct your home easily with these materials. In modern industrial houses, exposed pipes and fixtures are very common. You can easily identify and fix the leaks easily. 

     You can convert pallets or old wood into a sofa frame. You can build a charming home on an affordable can use bamboo for the ceiling and is durable material. You can also use it as a flooring or roofing material. An affordable house reduces stress. It improves both physical and mental health. 

     An affordable house is very important to families. It provides a basic need for shelter. It frees up funds within families’ tight budgets to spend on health care.When looking for a home design, don’t forget energy efficiency. You should  plan from the roof to the windows and doors to the flooring, appliances, fittings ,decorations, etc.planning can be very helpful in saving you a lot of money, you should take into consideration several factors. 

     We can see how to make a budget friendly house .It is a beautiful and variety house. It is near Calicut airport. It has 1600 square feet.It has a Rs 28 lakhs budget.This plot is in 4 cents.variety exterior and interior decorations are provided. Ground floor is 800 square feet.He finished his house within  5 years. 

      We can see a large Courtyard. Interlock bricks are used in the Courtyard. He used white cement. They do not use putty in the walls. He used plaster of paris on the ceiling. He provided cladding stones in the pillars. Wooden Windows are used. Lepothera granites are used in the steps.cutney stones are used in the sitout. Chutney stones have Rs 85/ square feet. Glass and steel are used in the handrails of the sitout. 

       Laterite stone columns are used in the sitout. He used a quality wooden main  door.There is a large living area. You can see a corner sofa  and teapoy.wallpaper curtains are used. A large wood archidrive is is made with multi wood and 

Mica.Metals strips are used between it.Straight the metal and provide wooden blocks to it. Different  types of lights are provided. A simple dining area is provided. A large double height window provided.  It is made with metal and toughen glass. Aluminum  frame is provided to it. 

      Variety staircase is here. He makes chain step handrails using metals. Aquasian wood is used for the staircase. Metal frames are used in the staircase. He used TATA metals. It has Rs 7000 for materials. It is a budget free staircase. 

          A simple and beautiful  kitchen  is here.Aluminium fabrication and glasses provided to it.They didn’t have a concrete slab on the kitchen. They provided a board HD sheet on the double GI pipe. It is a waterproof material.There is a simple bathroom attached bedroom.  It has POP also. A walk hanging almirah is here.

       Different  types of Variety lights are here.There is a beautiful  balcony. A designed TV unit is here.2 bedrooms are on the first floor. Dressing area is provided. 3 bedrooms are bathroom attached.  A common  bathroom is provided. Metal doors and metal stairs are provided. 

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