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      Home appliances are devices, usually electrical, that are  in our home and which can be used to do jobs in our houses. Home appliances help us to save time on everyday tasks. Home appliances are part of what makes your house a home. Refrigerator ,washing machine,cooktop, washer, dryer ,lawn mower, television, vacuum cleaner, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, Blender are the important home appliances in a house.

     Refrigerator is one of the most important items in a home. Cooktops are another important item. Many cooktops contain oven combos. It helps to save space and everything you need. Washer and dryer saves a lot of time and make it easier to get your laundry done.Vacuum cleaner is the most important small appliance, it will help you keep your house clean.Coffee maker is sure to help you start your day.Toasters are useful for more than toast.If you are looking to increase the safety,convenience, performance, you can select smart home appliance. You can control these devices independently  and remotely from a common network. The technology works as one system to control your TV,speakers, refrigerator, etc.

    Furniture is needed for our comfortable lives,storage. Buying furniture without planning affects your decoration. It improves the beauty of the house. It establishes a pleasing sense of order.Furniture contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Sofa,coffee table, bookcase,dining table, wardrobe,Tables, chairs,beds,doors,shelves are the important furniture in a home. Variety designs and types of furniture are available in the market. It is an integral part of house interiors. The grace and beauty of the house are complete with placement of furniture. It provides a balanced view of the entire space.It turns an empty built structure into a complete house.

     We can see a place where we get home appliances  and furniture at affordable prices.It is in National home appliances,vallappuzha, palakkad.All types of home appliances Including furniture are available will get 50 % discount from here. TV, Washing machine, refrigerator, furniture available here.They provide all kerala delivery services. We can purchase  all products  at cheap rates.They have 14 year experience in this field. All electronic  items are available  at lower rates than online shops. International brand materials are available. 

Items available in the shop

Electric Cycles

    International branded electric cycles are available here.All are branded materials.  It has Rs 22,000. Hero brand cycle available.  It has a motor hub. Nuze brand cycles are available at Rs 38,000.we can use it for 40 hour in one charge.large tyre cycle has Rs 17,000.Normal cycles are available here. Kids cycles, tricycles are available at Rs 1500.geared and non geared cycles are available. 


    60 Varieties are available. You can purchase it at 70% discount than online rates.


    Casio brand keyboards start from Rs 3000.variety branded keyboards are available. It has a 50% discount. All are International branded materials. 


    It starts from Rs 5000.manula types are available. Electric treadmill available.  20 models are available.  They provide a 50% discount.  


    All brands are available. Sony, Samsung.LG, Panasonic,Lloyd,realme,kodak,v star available. Sony 4K Android TV has a 30% discount than online price. Samsung frameless TV available at 50% discount. 55 inch TV available at Rs 45,000.v star ,43 inch starts at Rs 18,000.Company warranty provided to all products.  40 inch smart televisions have Rs 12,000.variety models are available.  Thomson,BPL,Caster,Formentry one plus branded televisions are here.Sony 32 inch has Rs 17,000.kodak smart TV,40 inch has Rs 12,000.32 inch has Rs 6500.

Sound bars,home theaters

    Sony sound bar has a 50% discount. It has 20,000. LG sound bar with virtual technology, 600w RMS, has a 50% discount. TCL,realme,sound bar has Rs sound bar available. JBL sound bars are available. It has Rs 8000.

Tower speaker,Trolley speakers 

    Impex tower speakers are available at Rs light trolley speakers are available. It has Rs 8900.different models of home theaters are available. 

Washing machines 

    Variety models are available. Front loaded,Top loaded,fully automatic, semi automatic  washing machines are available. Motorola,IFB,LG,BOSCH, LLOYD,CTL, carrier,available. Carrier Front loading washing machine 7 kg  has Rs 20,000. Bosch front load has Rs 29,000.motorola washing machine  8kg has Rs 26,000.LG has Rs 22,000. Hawels starts atcRs 21,000.Godrej top load has Rs 7900.LG top load has Rs 10,000.Fully automatic topload has Rs 11,800.It has 10 year warranty. 

Dish washers

   It is a very useful item. It is available at Rs 50% discount. It has Rs 18,000.


    Power Mixer grinders,water purifiers,water heater, microwave ovens,OTG ovens available here. OTG ovens are available at Rs can make cakes, biscuits using it. It starts at 10 liters to 50 liters.Two types of ovens are available. OTG and microwave ovens.Microwave oven starts at Rs 4000.All brands are available. OTG starts at Rs 2900. Indian companies are available.  Mixy 1000w available.  It has a 5 year warranty. Water purifiers ROUV technology. start at Rs 1800.They provide 50% discount till September 15.

Electric chimneys

30 models are available. 250 pieces are available. 

Air conditioner 

    Branded ac available at Rs 19800.0.8 to 210 sizes available here.22 brands are available. Mark brand starts at Rs 19800.All delivery with installation provided. It has a 10 year compressor warranty. Motorola inverter AC,blue star,Samsung, amstrad,voltage,IFB,available. Amstrad starts at Rs 26,000.Dual inverter AC available here. Motorola glass panel starts at Es 26,800.Tata Croma AC available. It is non invertible AC 1.5 ton Rs 25,000.carrier midea brand inverter 1 ton has Rs 25800.Blue star,whirlpool,onida, LG brands are available. 

Wall fans

Varieties of wall fans are can purchase it at affordable rates.


    Refrigerators also have a 50% discount. Single door refrigerators available at Rs 9800.LG brand available.  Exchange offers are also available. New model Samsung single door available. It has a 192 liter capacity. It has Rs 11800. Heir brand glass door model has 9900. They provide company warranty. BPL glass finished refrigerator has Rs 11800.godraj edge pro has Rs 11800.whirlpool has Rs 9800.Double door refrigerators has 50% discount. 350 liter refrigerator has Rs 29,000.440 liter has Rs 38, is convertible type. 

      Bottom freezer refrigerator has Rs 34, fridges are also available. It has Rs 5000.3 door refrigerator has Rs 24,000.steel finished body refrigerator available. Convertible refrigerator available. We can change the freezer into a fridge. We can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator. Bosch brand refrigerator available. They provide Rs 5000 mixi with Bosch refrigerator. Water dispenser model refrigerator available. Bosch has 4 star facilities. LG Side by side refrigerators are available at Rs 68,000.Lloyd refrigerator  has Rs 48,000.kelvinator 500 liter has Rs 44,000.4 door refrigerator available at Rs 75,000.


    Hawels,Bosch,sansui,brands are available. Panasonic brand available. It has the strongest motor. It has 20,000 to 25,000 RPM.juicer jars also with it. Havells 1000w heavy duty motor mixie available.  It has Rs 6000.

Glass tops stoves

    2,3,4 burners are available. 4 burners available at Rs 3600.prestige,butterfly,pigeon brands are available.

Electronic sewing machine 

     10 models are available.  We will get a 60% discount.  It starts at Rs,usha available at Rs 4800.

Iron box

Iron box starts at Rs 250.Trimmer,electric kettles,egg boilers,and flasks are also available here.


Dell,hp,Lenovo,brands are available.

Inverter battery 

    V guard,luminous, lip guard, SF,evidence  brands are available. We can purchase it with Rs 15800 with installation. Combo offers are available. All brands are available. 

Vacuum cleaner 

    20 models are available.  6 brands like eureka box available at Rs 2000 to is an American brand. Catcher,German brand ,Philips available. Robotic cleaner available. It has Rs 15,000

Kids accessories, study table

It starts at Rs 1900.

Kids Potties

Different variants are available at Rs 200.


60 varieties are available ,Kids bathtubs available 


Dining table 

     Teak  Dining tables available at cheap rates. It starts at Rs 5500. They had  customized manufacturing .100 designs are available.  They provide 10 year warranty, 

      Baby double decker bed with cot has Rs 19500. Cruddle available at Rs 2800.20 models are available. Designed box coats queen size start at Rs 11800.single cot has Rs 3800. Double cot has Rs 5500. Mahogany queen size has Rs 7800.king size teak cot has Rs 15800.teapoy starts at Rs 1500. Customized Sofa available.  Corner setty has Rs 12800.electric  chimneys are available at cheap rates.

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