Varieties of branded kurtis at wholesale price 

    Kurtis are traditional  dresses that can be worn without a dupatta.  It is very easy  to use so most people select Kurtis to wear. Kurtis are different  sizes.we can choose extra small size,small size,medium, large,extra large sizes.kurtis are suitable for all weather conditions. It provides comfort  and mobility that working women required.It is a long loose garment or short in length that reaches till waist.we can see a place where we get Kurtis at low prices.

     It is in Aishwarya,kumar building, press club road, Ernakulam. It is a large textile shop in kerala. We can buy wholesale dresses from here. We can see a variety  of kurtis here.All ladies items are here.we can see the production  of Kurtis here.

    We can see 4 colour patterns of each Kurtis. All items are different sizes. Georgette clothes are available. All trends are available  here.Reyon  Kurtis starts at Rs 240.All materials have  quality and   patterns . We can buy these  items through boutiques. 

     Umbrella cut frilled Kurt’s are here. These have a variety of colors. Hand work materials  are here. Machine embroidery  materials  are here.overcoat Kurt’s are here. Black pleated materials  are here.

      Simple hand work materials  are here.poncho designed handwork materials  are here. Hand works start from Rs 495.Jute hand work materials  are here.. they prefer video call. We can see all types of materials  through  video call.

     Jacket models are here. Daily wear is here. We can buy cotton clothes from here. Cotton starts from Rs 325 to Rs 395. Denim clothes are available. They have a separate design  wing.Reyon daily wear Kurtis are here.Maternity wear are also here. These Kurt’s have feeding options. 

       We should buy a minimum of 25 pieces. Frill butterfly sleeves Kurt’s are available here.western wares are also here.we can use it as party wear. These start from Rs 400.we can buy same size different  colours materials  from here.These are wrinkle rayon materials. We can buy party wear heavy materials  from here.

       We can see Kurt’s set here. It contains  top, pant, shall.It starts from Rs 600.Hand works duppatts are here.we can buy 4 pieces in a set.  Chudi Bottom Jeans are available  here.we can purchase through video calls.

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Kumar building, 

Press club road,Near st. Teresa collage,


Contact  :  9446889574,  7012208900

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