Useful tips to clean the sofa easily

       Today we can see how to clean sofa in our home. We can clean sofas . But it is very difficult. we can use dry brush to remove loose particles. We can use vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa. We are  all wants to clean our home neatly and dust free..  If we want to maintain a healthy home, you should be cleaned your home every week. Otherwise it causes allergies. 

      For fabric upholstery , we can clean with vinegar and warm water. Put ¼ cup of vinegar, ¾ cup of warm water, 1 table spoon of dish soap. Mix well and sprayed to the sofa. Scrub with cloth.

       If we do professional cleaning, it is always make unnecessary expense.  It is best to turn around and test the cleaning solution. We can also clean the sofa without water. We can use foaming cleaner also. 

      We can clean sofa without vacuum cleaner. Take a clean cloth and wipe down. Take bicarbonate soda and sprinkle it. Leave for 20 minutes and clean with sofa cleaner.

       Today I would like inform you a tip to clean sofa easily. We can use lindroller  to clean the sofa. We can rotate  the lindroller to the sofa. It helps to clean the sofa. We can tear the sheet from it.

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