Unworthy ration card holders fined upto Rs 50,000

           Everyone wants to be their  ration card AAY or BPL category. In the time of this covid-19 ,a variety of benefits are available for BPL or AAY  cards. As a result, more and more people filed numerous complaints with the district supply officer. They realized  that there are a lot of people in our society who benefit in an undeserved way. Therefore enquiries are made for it and those who are eligible are selected district wide measures are being taken to deport the  disqualified.

        We all know that there are four kinds of ration cards is common. They are two cards in the priority category and two cards in the non priority category. BPL and AAY   Cards have a lot of benefits. In the time of this covid-19, Rs 1,000 each was provided by the state government . Similarly the central government provided 5 kg of food grains and 1 kg of pulses to each member of the card.

       The time limit for such benefits has  again been extended. They understood that there are many people who take such benefits un deservably. There are a lot of people who have accidentally get white and blue cards .There are a lot of people who apply for BPL card and  don’t get it. If the deserving person wants to get this card, the un eligible person has to leave.

      None of the card  members should be employed in government, semi government ,public sector institutions and cooperative society.

Eligibility  for A A Y, BPL Cards

  • Don’t be service pensioners.
  • The house should not exceed 1,000 square feet.
  •  The property should not be more than one acre.
  • Do not be the recipients of other benefits on the part of the government.
  •  They do not have four wheelers in the house except for  means of livelihood.
  • Anyone earning a salary above Rs 25,000 will not be eligible for this benefit .

           All these peoples are outside the BPL card. Holders of inappropriate BPL/ APL cards have the opportunity to hold back from it. There will be no action on the part of the government. The ordinary people or public servants have the right to lodge a complaint at the Taluk Supply office or district .

      No need to give details of callers. Relevant officials will come directly and inspect the things. Those who received the benefits ,they deserve will be charged twice the market price of the food they buy . If they are  evicted due to public complaints .

         There will be a one-time of around Rs 50,000. He could face up to a year in prison. People who have applied for new cards can apply to people who are currently in a state of distress.

         You should submit the application directly to the supply officer. Not through the concerned Akshaya Jan Seva Centres. Only those who have applied will be expelled and people who have applied have  access. Please share this information to others.

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