Universal  travel pass – How to apply, importance of this pass

          Covid 19 vaccination certificate  is very important.  It is necessary to travel to most places.you can register for a travel pass online from your home .Universal pass helps the people to travel in covid 19 as well.These travel pass will be made for only three categories. They are for medical,utility and education  purposes. 

       The Maharashtra government  launched a universal  pass for all those who have been completely  vaccinated. It generates  an e pass . We can be used to access places like railway stations, malls, etc. 

        Everyone who has been fully vaccinated, after 14 days of their second  dose of vaccination are eligible for this pass.Log in to the official website and enter your registered  mobile number same as  cowin.you will get an OTP. Enter OTP number . Upload a photo of yourself.

       You will get an SMS. You will get a link. E pass should be saved in your mobile. It is a very important  document. It enables vaccinated  citizens to access public places. It is a proof . The QR code could be verified  by authorities. We can take a print of this card. 

       It is a new QR code identity card with a photograph. There will be five levels of travel using this QR code based photo ID cards. All passes mention level of travel, with permitted level stated on the pass. If the pass is for level 3,you can travel in level 1,2,3. 

        For level 2 passes, you can travel in level 1,2.Level 5 pass holders may travel across all levels. The level to be allocated will be decided  by the government  authorities. Impossible  for people to travel using fake passes.we can generate  this pass. 

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