Two wheelers without helmet ineligible for insurance

                        In our country one of the most preferred mode of commuting is riding on a two wheeler. The benefits offered by a two wheeler are many. The biggest one being the safety of the riders,  two wheelers travelling can be quite risky because the bad condition of roads making them accident. During monsoons, the roads become slippery making very difficult to control your two wheeler. Safety is extremely  pivotal, when it comes to a two wheeler. Making sure you and pillion rider wears a helmet and ensure that you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy. 

                Helmet is an essential piece of safety equipment that protects your brain in the accident. Helmet can save your life. With a bike insurance policy,  you insulate yourself from financial implications that you can potentially lead to financial disaster.

                Whether a two wheeler Rider was not wearing a helmet, he is ineligible for insurance. Ensure that motorist wear helmet while driving their  two wheelers.

               High Court ruled that motorists riding two wheeler without helmet will be ineligible for insurance compensation,  if they are in an accident. The helmet must be certified by ISI as non ISI may be of inferior quality.

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