To get the gas cylinder, OTP must be provide

            Today I would like introduce to you a new information about gas.Our central government  is also implementing digitalization of LPG supply. From next month for home delivery of gas cylinders require OTP.It will be first implemented in 100 smart cities.

         According to new rule,when an individual booking gas cylinder, they will get an OTP  on the registered mobile.At the delivery time customer have to show the OTP.It will ensure that the delivery is getting the correct person.It ensure the security of delivery.

        This system starts from november 1.We will get an OTP. In our state its trial version is starting Thiruvananthapuram and kochi. Important thing is to check your registered mobile number valid or not.Update your mobile number and address to it.It is very difficult .Delivery of gas can be stopped due to incorrect details.So check your address and mobile number.

         Now the cylinders are being delivered to incorrect customers illegally. So  it is ensure that the subsidy is credited to actual customer account.

        If the customer did not updated mobile number,the delivery person can update it with the help of an application.

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