Tips to reduce your tummy

Tips to reduce your tummy
There are mainly two kinds of belly fat. One is due to blotting and the other is mainly due to the
fat that is being stored in your belly. This drink is beneficial for both kinds of bellies.

The amount
is for one person for a day.
How to make the drink:
The only ingredient that is required is 2 lemons. Kindly use fresh lemons.Do not take lemons
that are dry or discoloured.Otherwise there will be a bitter taste.


Dip the lemons in saltwater and
keep for half an hour so that they will be clean. Cut the lemons into two pieces and extract the
juice in a bowl. Do not throw the zest away as it is required later.
Take two cups of water and soak the lemon zests in it. Boil this water at least for a minimum of
20 minutes on high flame. The lemon zest will change from green to yellow. Let it cool along
with the zest. Pour this cool mixture into a cup. Add the lemon juice that was extracted in the
beginning and mix it with the lemon water with a spoon. It is not required to add honey or ginger
with this but if you prefer to you may do so.
How to drink:
You should drink two mouthfuls of this lemon water 4 times a day half an hour before eating
your food for the first 15 days. After that you may drink it only twice: once when you wake up in
the morning and once before going to bed.

  1. Do not drink tea or coffee after drinking this. You should eat only the food after drinking this.
  2. Kindly remember to take only one weight loss drink at a time.Always make sure that you take
    one weight loss drink for at least 15 days to see if it is beneficial for your body or not. Do not
    discontinue in between neither should you mix different kinds of weight loss drinks together as it
    will result in a negative effect on your body.
  3. It should be noted that without exercise it is very difficult to reduce belly fat that the food
    intake should be in control reduce salt and sugar to the maximum.
  4. Do not drink more than two gulps at a time.
  5. Drink continuously for 15 days four times a day
  6. If you have stomach acidity do not drink this early in the morning before food. Drink this only
    half an hour after having breakfast.
    Who should not drink:
  7. Those who have ulcer
  8. Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers

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