Things to do mainly when you get up in the morning 

      Today I would like inform you about 6 things not to do when you getup in the morning.  Our life  styles affects our health.Having a healthy body is a very important thing. For many people, getting up in the morning is very difficult.  But it is affect our health.

        Wake up in the morning is very difficult. Some people wake up at 4’o clock. Others wake up at 5’o clock.But some people cant wake up early morning.  Always wake up in a fixed time continuously.  It helps to be a healthy body and mind.

      Lately wake up affects our life style.  Now onwards you will try to start wake up in early morning. Do adequate exercises. Exercise is the bodily activity that maintains our physical and mental fitness. We can do any type of exercises. It increases blood circulation. 

        Drink minimum 2 glass of water in the empty stomach. It helps to clean our kidney well. After brushing floss should be do. It is very important.  Wash  face morning  and evening.  

        Take healthy breakfast. Banana,milk ,bread cheese, millets,ragi,egg,wheat are healthy breakfast. Avoid rice foods.Avoid sugar and oily foods. Change the regular patterns.

       Take dinner before 6 pm.Soups are include in dinner. It is very healthy. Think positively. 

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