Things to consider before buying and eating watermelon

           Watermelon is one of our favourite fruit during hot weather. We can see this watermelon selling anywhere along the way. We can buy and take it to home. We don’t look at it price. But most of it came from foreign States. To enhance the sweetness and colour of water melon,add  a number of toxins . We don’t know which ones are added. Most of the vegetables and fruits we eat today are poisonous. We do not care about these things. So our bodies become sick everyday.

         Therefore it is very important to take care when buying these things. Many of us are more likely to buy watermelon during this hot season. Have you ever bought watermelon and anything  came from it like a froth. Usually when we buy watermelon we usually cut it out and put it in the fridge.

          But when  without cutting the watermelon, it started to come off like a froth. When It cut, coming out of a sound like  soda. If you see any symptoms like this , inform the health authorities immediately. Remember that injected a  lots of toxins for colour and the sweetness to it. Many people have a no real knowledge about this. So please share this information to others.

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