The total amount expenses for registering a sale deed


       Sale deed is a legal document for sale and transfer ownership of property. It is the main document ,the seller transfers his rights on the property to the purchase. It provides legal recognition for the transaction  of the property. It is the final  deed. It has the name, address, age of the seller and buyer,total area of the property, details  of construction, final deal price of the property, advance payment, mode of payment, all original property  documents.

       Sale deed contains the type of deed. They mentioned if the agreement is a deed of sale or mortgage. The property  details  are also included  in the sale deed. It has an agreement statement, which includes buyer and seller agreement to buy and sell the property  details  like date advance  payment,  mode of payment, etc. 

     It is a valid proof  of ownership  of a property. It is mainly created on non judicial stamp paper of required  value  by the state government.Every state has different  values  of stamp paper. Buyer should pay the stamp duty and registration  charges. The seller of the property  makes sure all dues  like tax,loan,water,electricity  bills are paid before sale. 

     In case of any dispute,it can be used as evidence. It contains  all the details  of property  ownership. It has 3 years validity. If any negative  clause,the buyer is required  to register within 3 months, we can cancel the deeds by registering cancellation  deed.If the sale deed is not registered, it is invalid .

     We can see the total expense  for registering a sale deed. Normally it is expensive.we have to pay the stamp and registration  fees based on the price of the land we are buying.  All land has a fair value. The highest value is seen on the stamp paper. We can check the fair value of our land through the website  of Kerala  state .The price of the property is determined  by the type of land. Mainly lands are different  types. They are residential plots with panchayats/ municipality/corporation,residential  plots with national  highway/ PWD roads,residential  plots with private roads,residential  plots with no vehicle access, fields,gardens,and commercial  property. 

How to check the fair  value of land

  • Visit the official  website of Kerala registration. 
  • Enter the details  like district, RDO,Taluk,village.
  • Enter the type of property. 
  • Enter the survey number
  • We can see the fair  value  of the property according to the nature of the land.

      Fairvalue always seen based on R .it is 2.47 cent.we can divide the cent by 2.47. You can see the value of 1 cent. The engineers give the price of buildings. We should give 8% stamp  duty,2% registration  fee of the fair value whichever is higher. It is the tax. Two times the stamp  duty paid in respect of previous sale deed if it was executed within 3 months. 1.5 times stamp duty paid for a previous sale deed if it was executed within a period of 3 to 6 months from registration  date. 

       We can see the sale deed writing fees on the website of the registration  department.  The amount shown on the sale deed Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs , the writing  fees is Rs 5000.The amount shown on the sale deed Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 7 lakhs ,the writing  fees is Rs 6000. The amount  shown  on the sale deed is Rs 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs,writing  fees is Rs 7000.Above 8 lakhs, the writing  fees is Rs 7500.

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