The ‘one country one ration card’ scheme is being introduced

           Since this October, one country one ration card  campaign has been spreading across our country. It is essential to link our ration  card with the aadhar card in order to avail these benefits. 

          Once the’ one country One ration card ‘scheme  is implemented ,we will be able to purchase rations from any ration shop in the country. It is a very useful scheme. This project is being implemented under the IMPDS system.

        Similarly it is no longer necessary to delete a name from One ration  card and put it on another ration card. Similarly we can buy rations from other ration shops using only Aadhar card. 

          Therefore it is essential that we link our  Aadhaar card with the ration card. The Aadhar card of all the members of ration card needs to be linked to the ration card.

        We can link the Aadhaar card with the  ration card in four ways. We can link through Akshaya janaseva centers. Otherwise we can link through Taluk Supply office. We can link directly through ration shops by epos machine. 

           Only if the Aadhar card is linked to someone else on the ration card can  others link to it as well.We get free kits. when we go to rationships to buy food items, we can find out if our adhar card is linked.Currently this benefit is available in 16 States.

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