The need to keep old passports 

               An Indian passport is issued by the IMEA to Indian citizens  for the purpose of international travel. It is a small booklet contains  name, place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue,

date of expiry, passport number ,photo and signature . It is the travel document.   

                        The old passports are crucial document, for verification of our travel history for both visa application and immigration . Strong travel history enhances chances of getting visa. Your old transport must be preserved.

             Travellers must carry old passports while travelling because it can be demanded by immigration authorities. Inability to produce your old passport, may lead to delay in clearing immigration.

             No matter which country  we visit ,our travel history is very important. It  is very important for those travelling alone. Even if we go to a country with  Visa ,it is a document to land in that country optionally ,we can deny entry . The visa says exactly that.

             Even if we say we are going for tourism, if you are suspicious of someone sitting in immigration ,entry maybe denied . So that they may understand that we are so much travelled. If  we have documents that they understand we are a long haul ,then we can get rid of this problem to some extent. 

           There is a lot of paper work to be done ,when obtaining US visa . We will only get a US visa, if you give all the information about us such as our  home informations, property information in our name ,fixed deposit information, testimonial from the company we work for. If we have old passport that  we have travelled with so far, we do not need to provide any other documents. The details of travel in those passports are get US Visa without any obstructions. When applying for US visa, they should write in the application to produce your old passport . This is to check out our travel history.

           Although  the validity of the passport is past, we do not lose the passport.

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