The market for cheapest, beautiful  tiles

              Building a house can be a difficult task. Because now is the time when the price of everything you need to build a house is going up. But if we work very carefully and wisely,  we can build a house at a very low cost. The most important thing in a home is it’s flooring. But tiles are more expensive than we think. There is an evidence that the tile market in Bangalore is cheaper than in Kerala.

                    These  tiles are available  in Ramachandra puram at Bangalore.There is a tiles market which is crowded with sixty tiles shops.In our kerala, a good tile cost around Rs 60 to Rs 70.In these tiles market we will get variety of tiles.

          The cheapest nano tiles for flooring tiles are available here. It is  two feet long and two feet wide. Its cost is Rs 30 per square feet.It is vertified, single layer. The double charge layer, vertified tile, light color  flooring tile cost is Rs 40.It is also 2/2 size.Cost vary in dark color tiles.

        And also there is 4/2 floor tiles.Its variety of designs and colors are available  here.It’s rate is Rs 45 /sq ft.

          Bathroom  wall tiles, glading tiles are also available here.It’s length is  1 1/2 feet length and 1 feet width.One box contain 9 sq ft 6 pieces  tiles.The normal rate of one box is Rs.240.

       The vertified natural glading tiles (12×18)cost is  Rs 65/sq ft.It is looking very naturally.

       Beautiful scenery tiles are available here. The rate of scenery tiles are Rs 1000/1 piece.

           Large full  vertified luxurious  high glossing 4×2 commercial, wall/flooring tiles are available  here.These tiles are using big buildings, offices.The cost of this tiles are Rs 55/ 1sq ft.

    Kitchen wall tiles  – 12×18 size tiles  – 6 piece( 9 sq ft) – Rs 240

      Parking, terrace tiles( 10 mm thickness)  – 1/1 size, 16×16size tiles are available here.  

      Normal parking tiles  – 10 pieces(10sq ft) –  Rs 280

Digital category tiles   – 8 pieces (8sq ft) 1×1size  – Rs 300

16×16 category (10mmthickness)   -5 piece(9sq ft) – Rs 400

Design  tiles (41/2 ft  length, 3 ft width)  -9 small tiles – 1box – Rs 3000

Wooden finish cladding  tiles – Rs 180/sq ft

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