The managements and the exercises for back pain

              In the morning, when you get up from your bed, do you have back pain? Similarly after working for a while ,sitting in the chair and getting up there is a pain in the back. It is a problem that affects men and a women  of all ages . In the past, it was after the age of 50 years ,that the back pain came . Now people in their 20 years, are suffering from back pain . However for some this is not affect as a pain. On the waist side, it would be a feeling as if you were carrying a heavy load. A grip like  a flash of lightening in the back of it bend down and upright. Pain in the waist and hips may be caused by excessive work or sitting somewhere in continuously .

     We can explain why cause the lower back pain ways to remedy this  and exercise we can do to treat back pain. The most common cause of back pain or lower back pain is the strain on the muscle and ligaments on either side of the spine. If when we are out of work ,suddenly go to work ,when lifting something, give weight to the spine ,if you suddenly turn to any position ,the muscles around our spine can feel tightness. If you run as unusual ,you may experience similar pain in the back. Back pain is not only present when the time of hard working, but also when sitting in a position with a continuous work.

      Our backbone is support our body. Even if, we are overweight, muscles of the spine can also cause strain. Sleeping for a long time ,sitting in front of a computer or TV for a long time,can  cause strain on the back muscles . Although we have excessive paunch, it can cause strain on the muscles of the back. The mattress, which we use to sleep is not in a straight position, but our back muscles have  strain . If we lie in such a way that the strain on the neck ligaments or muscle, if using a high pillow. All of these add more strain to the ligaments and muscles of our spine. In extreme hot times, if we are lying under a fan , bed touched  body parts will sweat excessively and the muscles in those areas may feel strain sometimes, when you get up in the morning, you may have excessive back pain or muscle pain .

                  Back pain caused by strain on our muscles may  not make any significant structure ,difference to  our spine. You may feel back pain because of the wear and tear of the disc between the spine, the disk being pushed to oneside ,the disc being   dry. The pain caused by the disk may not only be in the spine, but also around the waist or below ones leg. If we suddenly jump up or sit down, the pain radiates down to the thighs, understand that your disk has a small complaint . In addition, some arthritis ,fibromyalgia that affect the spine is radiating pain, we may  feel back pain.

        In women, it is common to suffer from back pain when pregnancy. During pregnancy, women usually have a hormone called relaxin in their body . The role of the relaxin hormone is to relax the pelvic muscles, when it comes to production it is not just the hip muscle that relaxes for women muscles and ligaments in the spinal cord also loose. This can cause them to get back pain ,when they get up or sit down. Similarly the cause of postnatal pain in women is due to difference between the relaxin and progesterone hormones. 

      Let’s see how to manage this kind of back pain . We can manage this in  3 ways.

  •   If you have  inflammation in the area within the muscle strain, you can use medication to replace it. Allopathic,Ayurvedic homeopathic ,all have  medicines are available to reduce muscle strain. 
  • Some people have a chronic back pain due to poor positioning lying down. If  you have back pain, don’t keep lying down in prone position as much as possible.
  •  when we lie in  prone position, our heads lie  on one side. This can cause a lot of strain on our spine.
  • If you are lying straight position ,the most important thing to note is  your head should not be overly low and too high. You can lie down with your head straight. 
  • It is  best to put a small pillow under your foot  so that the bones of your feet do not go too low from your waist. It  reduces strain for your back .
  • if you are sleeping with one side tilted, your neck should not be too oblique . The pillow should be placed on the side of your neck and head . when you lie with one side, be  careful to put a pillow between both legs. That will keep your waist muscles from getting too much strain .

For those with back pain, here are a few simple exercises you can do at home . 

  • This is not effective, if your disk is complainted, or you have  nerve compression.
  •  In this case, you should only seek the advice of a doctor.
  •  It is the best, after you get up in the morning, to do this exercise for 15 minutes.
  • When you get up in the morning lie down straight, lift both knees,and  returning one knee and slowly bring your chest up. Hold for 5 seconds and then relax. Then return the second foot and bring it to the chest. Hold for 5 seconds and  then relax . Then fold both knees together ,holding them with your hands and holding them back to your chest . Hold for 5 second and then relax. You can do this exercise again after taking to second gap. Doing this exercise for 5 to 15 minutes.It  will also help you to reduce the pain in the waist.
  •  After lying down straight, lift up  your both knees,then cross both your arms to the side of the chest. Bend both knees  to the right side. Don’t bend your shoulders. Fold for 5 seconds and then come to the normal position. Next to the left side/ opposite side bend both knees and hold for 5 seconds. Then come to the normal position. Repeat this exercise for 15 minutes continuously .Take 30 seconds of relaxing time.  Repeat this exercise again. This will help to reduce the pain on both sides of the spine and waist. When get up in the morning, in cold weather, there are people who are struggling to pain on the back . For those who do, this exercise will help them to relax the muscles in that area .
  • After lying straight, lift up to your both knees, keep the waist firmly on the ground, strengthen  the muscles on the sides of your belly. If you feel tightness, in the belly muscles, take a breath .You will feel as if the belly was tight, it will help to relaxing the muscles in your waist and tighting the belly  muscles . After you lie down in this position, take the breath 2-3 times .Take 15 seconds relax and doing this exercise again 5 times. It will help you to relax the back muscles and relieve the arthritical complaints.
  •  Lie down straight ,cross your arms on the chest ,lift up  the both knees. and then gradually lift your hips as much as you can. It helps  to strengthen the muscles in the back of your chest to the muscles of the waist. After lying this position, try to take 3 deep breath and relax 15 seconds and doing this exercise again 5 times.
  • Bend your knees and try to lift your hips only. This exercise is a good workout for  the muscles around your lumbar spinal code. After holding this for 3 seconds and try to raise your shoulder portion maximum. It helps to relax the muscles on both sides of your spine.It  relieve the pain during fibromyalgia . Take 15 seconds relax and doing this exercise again three to five times.
  •  Cobra position:-  After you are bend down on the floor, press your hands on both sides, straighten your spine and try to lift your hand up . Trying to strain as far as possible putting weight on your hands, it will release the muscles.

Take 15 seconds relax and doing this exercise again three to five times.

  •  After you lie down, stretch the arms and legs maximally and try to lift your arms and legs upwards, without bending your knees. Hold 5 -10 minutes, then relax again ,again do this exercise two to three times. It will relieve stress muscles around the spine. But do not do this for those with  disc complaint or severe back pain .
  • This exercise can be done on a arm less chair . You sit in a chair and then place your  right leg over the left leg. Turn the maximum and hold it for 5 seconds. Then come back to the normal position. Again place your left leg over right leg and turn the maximum and hold it 5 seconds. It  will relax the muscles of neck ,back. For those who are constantly sitting down for work ,it can help relieve the back pain. Take 15 seconds relax and doing this exercise again five times.

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