The main Symptoms of Thyroid

           Now thyroid is a  common disease in everyone. Many people get tired and obese due to thyroid. Let’s see what the thyroid actually. The thyroid can come to us in two ways. A lump in the neck can cause  or a change in the level of thyroid hormone in the blood. When there is a lump in the neck, we can check what it is and find out if we have a thyroid. Some people may not have any lumps in their neck. But they can see some other symptoms.

Other Symptoms

  • tired ness
  • Come to sleep quickly
  • Over weight
  • Hair  loss
  • Do not tolerate cold or heat
  • Be terrible thin
  • Trembling in the hands
  • Be upet

           The thyroid in the blood can be seen in two ways. Hypothyroid and hyperthyroid. Mainly three hormones are seen in thyroid.TSH, T3, T4.TSH levels may be increased and  T3, T4 level decreased. TSH increases because the level of thyroid hormone in our blood decreases. When TSH increases in our blood we get too tired and sleepy, hair loss, over weight. Every organ in our body needs a thyroid hormone. Then we will have to take extra supplement.

         Next is hyper thyroidism.  The level of thyroid hormones in our body is high. T3, T 4for increase and TSH may decrease. Then the body will be terribly thin and trembling in the hands. They do not tolerate cold/ heat. Main problem is that in our blood thyroid hormone is high. This can be a problem during surgery or during tooth extraction.It nay cause increased pulse or temperature. 

          In some thyroid may be a lump in the neck.scan and check the thyroid. Some people have a lump in the neck but the hormone in the blood is normal. They do not benefit greatly from the drugs. Thyroid surgery may be the best option for them. This is a time when thyroid cancer is on the rise. consult a doctor and check FNAC test.

              There are two types of thyroid surgery. Open surgery and endoscopic thyroidectoy.

      Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any of the above symptoms.Check the thyroid and take medicines.

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