The Main Reason For Not Getting PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Benefits

            The benefits of the PM Kisan Samman  Nidhi are being get many peoples in Kerala Many of those who are currently eligible are not getting it. That’s about Rs 6,000 a year. It comes in 3 installments. Rs 2000 per month, at intervals of 4 months  in account. Now about Malayalees this is the new information that has just arrived. Is the name we have applied for is not the same as the Aadhar card, then we will not get the benefits of the Kisan Samman Nidhi .

         Until sometime ago ,the benefits of the Kisan Nidhi were  available to them. After delivering upto three installments the amount arrived for everyone. Since then,the biggest step has been taken by the central government.  If the name given in the application is not the same as the Aadhar Card, the distribution of the subsequent benefit is now to be detained.The 4th and 5th installments are now completed. That is 2 installments of the 2020 yr  have now been completed.

       For most people who do not get it, the most people are likely to make  such a mistake. In the early days, we were submitting applications, directly to the Kisan Samman Nidhi . Then through Krishi Bhavan, when we submitted our applications . We were the data entry operators assigned by the state government ,who checked our information and uploaded it. That Bank accounting mistakes and Aadhar mistakes  affect the common people. Subsequently they didn’t get benefits.

       To solve this, the farmers themselves have a system.It  can be done through mobile. This facility is located on farmers corner on the official website of  PM Kisan . For applicants, who have missed any installments ,the option check the status is available on PM Kisan’s  official website, farmer corner . They used the Aadhar number, bank account details and mobile number they submitted that day and for what reason, you can find out what the amount is only then will you need to enter the related editing.

        You can also use the edit Aadhar failure record option, if the name you entered in the application form is not same as the Aadhar Card. That service is also at the farmers corner.  Similarly other things like New farmer registration are now available online, so you can self register with proofs, visit the Krishi Bhavan and complete the verification. You have to type your name on Aadhar Card, exactly as it is in the same manner. Mistakes can be corrected to you via  the Aadhar failure record ,so that Rs 2,000 is added to your account . Please share this information to others.

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