The main plants that should be in our homes

        Today I would like to share with you about 5 types of plants that should be present in our homes.Everyone loves plants and flowers.  Beautiful flowering plants are a great decoration in our yard. It is essential to grow flowering plants as well as medicinal plants in our yard.

    Today I would like to share with you important 5 plants.These plants must be in our homes.Tulsi is one of the most important plant.Tulsi is used for normalize the blood pressure level, blood glucose,lipid levels. It has anti depressants  properties.  Tulsi helps to thinning the blood. Eat the tulsi leaves daily helps to make the healthy digestive system.  Eat tulsi leaves on an empty stomach helps to maintain the ph levels. It has antiseptic effects. 

       Tulsi leaves has anti microbial  property.  Take tulsi tea on daily helps to maintain health of teeth.It can use to avoid bad breath. Tulsi water helps to improve bowel movements.  Taking tulsi leaves daily  helps to reduce stress.It helps to prevent lung,skin,liver cancer.It reduces the uric acid level in our body. It increases immunity level.

     Second one is curry leaves.It contains carbohydrates, iron,calcium,phosphorus, vitamins.  It improves our heart function.  Drinking a cup of curry leaves tea helps to prevent weight gain,  it reduces cholesterol  level. It is good for hair growth.  It contains antioxidants.  It has laxative properties.  It helps to reduce gastric problems.

       We can make a hair mask with paste of curry leaves and yogurt,apply to the scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash with mild shampoo. We can use curry leaves to reduce blood pressure. It contains vitamin A. It helps to reduce skin problems. 

         Next medicinal plant is aloe vera. It helps to prevent  black circles around the eyes. It is used to treat many health problems. It is used to wound healing. It reduces constipation.  It also prevent wrinkles. It is also lighten the skin. It helps to reduce bad breath.

       Next medicinal plant is turmeric.  It contains curcumin. It prevents cancer,heart disease,arthritis.  We can take 500 to 2000 g turmeric per day. If you have liver disease, should not take turmeric. It helps to prevent infection. 

       Last one is pani koorkka. It is used to treat cough, fever,arthritis.  It has anti bacterial  properties.  It is very useful plant. It helps to treat throat pain. It helps to increase immunity.

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