The main causes of back pain

     Today I would like to inform you about the main causes of back pain. Back pain is the common problem.It is the pain anywhere in the back. It causes many diseases. 

     Working out too much,lifting  too much ,prolonged sitting too much,lying down too much,sleeping in an uncomfortable position or wearing a poorly fitting backpack.Lumbar strain,nerve irritation are the other causes of back pain.

     It lasts from a few days to weeks. We can see the main causes of normal back pain. There are two types. Sometimes  we feel only back pain. Otherwise  it radiates to buttocks and legs. We can see the axial back pain.

     Any problems in the disc,flaccid joints,sacroiliac joints,muscle pain  are the main causes of back pain.Disc wear can cause back pain.It mainly occurs at early  ages. cracks occur  and the nerves grow into the inside of the disc. It increases pain in the disc. In 40% it is the main cause of back pain.

    We can’t see it in MRI.The main symptoms  are pain on the central side of the back. This pain increases at the time of sitting. Back pain also occurs when bending forward and working.

      In flaccid joints,they occur at the age after 60 yrs. It has no diagnostic tests. This pain occurs at the side of the back.This pain occurs at continuous standing time,when getting up from the sitting  position. 

     It increases when bending backward. When you wake up in the morning you feel pain.we can diagnose  it through  medication should be given to the nerve  that is causing the pain in the joints.Then if the pain is less,we can diagnose it is flaccid joint pain.

       Another one is sacroIliac joint pain. It is caused due to the time of pregnancy, Rheumatic diseases can affect this joint. It occurs at any age. It occurs in one side of the back. It increases when sitting.  It doesn’t radiate legs. Local tenderness occurs at SI joints.  We can diagnose the same as flaccid joint. 

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