The main advantages of cloves.

               Today I want to share with you about the cloves that are common in our homes. But we do not know the exact qualities  of cloves. It is a natural remedy for many ailments in our body. It may protect our bone health.

 For example, if we bite   two cloves for a toothache, we can see that the tooth ache changes in a matter of seconds. It is also a good idea to put on cloves and drink boiled water to relieve swelling in the body or gums.  Cloves may improve our liver health.

          It is also good to grind cloves and mix them with honey. It also  helps to reduce body aches. Cloves may help protect against cancer. Always cloves boost our immunity power.

 It is also good to crush 2 cloves in tea and drink it. It is a remedy  for stomach worms. It is a good for people with gas trouble problems. It also helps to increase blood flow in our body. Cloves are also  high in antioxidants. Cloves have antiseptic properties.

          For those who use english medicine for many ailments,  taking 3 cloves a day instead is a remedy for many ailments in the body. It is the best medicine for bad breath.

Please try this and share this information to others.

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