The last  date for submission of central government  pension life certificate is December 31 st.

             Today I want to share with you about the biggest issue that pension beneficiaries  need to know. The submission of the life certificate which was supposed to start in November has been start  from October.

          Such a decision was made taking into according to the difficulties of covid-19 as well as the elderly people. Here is the pension information of Central Government employees. This is not about social security pensions.

                  In order to receive the pension amount from the central government a life certificate has to be submitted every year. It is a certificate proving that the pension beneficiaries are alive. 

          You can go directly to the banks and present your life certificate or submit the  digital life certificate. In previous years, the life certificate was submitted in November. But from this year from October to December there will be an opportunity to submit life certificate.

                    Those over the age of 80 years will have the opportunity to submit a life certificate in October month. From November 1 to December 31 Central Government pensioners will have the opportunity to submit  a life certificate.

               We can submit digital life certificate through our mobile application. We have to submit it through Jeevan pramaan mobile app.


Adhar card

Pension ID

Bank account details 

When these are submitted we will receive a digital life certificate.

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