The important  things to do for diabetic patients to prevent vision loss

        Today I would like to inform you about the things to do for diabetic patients to prevent vision loss.Diabetes is a metabolic  disease that causes high blood sugar.In this disease the body doesn’t produce insulin or does not use insulin  efficiently. The early symptoms  of diabetes  are thirst,blurred vision,frequent  urination,hunger,numbness in the feet,fatigue, weight loss,etc.

     Healthy lifestyle is enough to control blood sugar levels. Exercise brings down blood glucose.Avoid sugar and refined carbs,exercise regularly, drink a lot of water,avoid smoking,ing and alcoholism. Avoid pickles,canned vegetables. 

      Diabetes damages blood vessels  all over the body.Sugar blocks tiny blood vessels that go to the retina in the eye and damages the eye. It is called diabetic retinopathy. It causes leakage  to the eye and grows new blood vessels in the eye.

      This damage  causes blurry vision,floaters and black spots in the eye,retina swelling, poor color perception,  blindness are the complications  of diabetes.Most people do not know about this condition. 

          We can prevent diabetes  from taking vision.Some foods have been shown to promote healthy  vision. Eat leafy vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids. Increased fiber intake.Manage stress levels. Monitor blood sugar levels accurately.

       The normal fasting blood sugar is 80 to 180 and  normal random blood sugar level is 100  to 140 mg/dl.After 6 yrs diabetes  affects  eye sight.  We can check this disease through  indirect ophthalmoscopy. And we can cure it completely.  
If you have diabetes please check your vision earlier yearly. 

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