The important things to consider when taking a Health Insurance 

        We have a insurance for our vehicles and we insured that our homes during earthquakes and floods .

Have  we taken insurance for our health ? Let’s see about importance of Health Insurance in our life.

       A  health Insurance is very essential during this period. Because we are living in a time when many diseases are on the rise and increased treatment costs. An illness that comes in our life is likely to disrupt the rhythm of  our life. When an illness there are two types of tensions. A tension about when the sick will heal and other is tension about the huge amount of money that has to be spent on all the tests for the illnesses. Getting a Health Insurance plan can help you avoid half of the tension about the illness.

      Health Insurance

           Health Insurance is a person’s and their family covered by a certain amount of premium every year. It is in your personal interest to choose from which institution to take .You can choose the right one for you at any bank or Insurance Company nearby you. There are special policies available that cover an entire family .

Important things to note

  • You should not deduct the amount just to save the premium. Just count first ,how much you need. Try to have a balance and decide on your own state.
  • Annual payment of age of 18 years or 25 years ,not at all a  55 year old man may have to pay annually. It is possible to vary by age. Your age plays a part in determining the amount. Look at the website of the insurance companies and you will get a chart . You can find out what your premium is ,depending on the amount and age.
  •  Know which illness  are cover the initial. Some critical illnesses do not to be covered in the first year or first month. If you currently have illness, if you go quickly and get the insurance . The insurance company will be in trouble. So as not to be they  do it .
  • It’s better to have an insurance awareness early  . It is also advisable to take out a health insurance plan early .
  • Ask them how and how much they cover the current illnesses. After 2 year of clearing up some companies will cover all the remaining illnesses . So try to renew it at the right time .Even a renewal  after a break of one or two days is not considered real renewal . Renewing for 3 years to 4 years will cover all the ailments.
  •  Some insurance may say rider for critical illness .you can get the rider by paying an amount with the premium amount . Sometimes rider can added with the normal policy .
  • Find out if a  cashless treatment is available . If you are sick ,the  insurance company will give you a card with your photo. The validity  period will be on the card . you are looking for an insurance with significant Hospital network in your city is very appropriate. Say you have an insurance card at the hospital ,when you get sick. They will record it there. So you get the cashless facility .
  • If  there is no claim this year for you ,  under certain insurance policies you will receive an annual bonus next year .
  • Some insurance companies only offer insurance after certain medical tests, as clients  get older .

Once you have after knowing all the informations about the insurance ,choose an insurance scheme that suits you.

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