The importance of steel windows

         We all are use many materials for our home.It will be useful for us to be aware of which types of materials  are used.It is very useful . Today we can see the uses of steel windows. We can use this as innovative. 

        Steel windows are made for customers. We can use epoxy primer after hardener to this steel windows.We can build these steel windows on the wall like concrete and wood windows.

       We can see a clamp on this windows. We will fill the side with  concrete. So it has no sound. They use  18 kg TATA GI sheet for this windows.   Spotting done in the joints.Apply finger paste in the joints and apply hardener  and epoxy. 99% less likely to rust.

     We can use steel pipes,we can change the frame size. We get powder cot and wood grain windows. In Powder cot windows using large frame size windows. They use 16mm TATA polishing square  rad  for this windows.We can attach powder coating windows  lastly.

     Wood grains windows are also available  here. It is heavy. Pipes are 25 mm hollow. Fiber beeding ate used. After use silicon and attach glasses. We can attach this windows lastly.

     Steel windows are starting from Rs 6000. If you have any doubt please contact

 kidangeth Enterprises, 

Parolickal junction,

MC road,



Ph: no  :  9447701742


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