The habits that destroy  our brain

     Today I would like inform you about the habits that destroy  our brain. Now all peoples works through online. Now it has become impossible to live without internet. With the rise of covid 19, even the education of our school children has become online.Mobile phone and computer are the powerful machines. 

     An average computer stores 25,000 pictures , songs, movies.etc, But our brain stores so many things without our knowledge.  But now many things damage our brain. We can see how to damage our brain. 

    Brain has limitations.  The dreams increases our pulse rate.  So the brain did not have the capacity to realize reality and dreams.we can see the 11 habits that damage our brain.

    First one is loud music affects our brain badly. Loud music  affects the pleasure cells of the inner ear. It produces a hormone and we can feel satisfy. But we heard the loud music more than 30 minutes, it damage the cognitive cells of the brain. It affects immunity power,self control and concentration. So decrease the sound while listening  music.

    Take adequate sleep. If you do not get adequate sleep, it will badly affect your brain. It affects our productivity. Sleep at least 8 hours/day.

    Take adequate  sunlight.  Because we get vitamin D from it. It helps to active and happy.  

    Stress also badly affects the brain. It causes increased cortisol  in the brain and it cause a chance to get heart problems, cancer,etc. 

    Over eating  affects the strength of brain. Because over eating causes increased cholesterol level and it blocks the blood supply. It may be a chance to get alzheimer’s, stress. Take adequate  diet. Avoid over eating. 

    Sedentary  lifestyle damage the brain. It prevents the adequate  supply of oxygen to the brain. It may cause laziness. 

    So do exercise daily and avoid  stress. Negative  thoughts may affect the brain. It increases our blood pressure and stress.

   Feed our subconscious mind carefully. Avoid violence situations.  Avoid violence games .

    Gossips hurt our brain badly. So avoid gossips. Avoid smoking . Itaffeccts our brain badly. It cause decreases hearing capacity and smell,sharp thinking. 

   New things learn  positively . It helps to brain be healthy.

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