The food items should not be reheated

     Today I would like to inform you about  the food items should not be heated twice and eat.We often store the food that comes more in the fridge.The next day it is heated and used. But not all foods can be reheated. But these foods can be very harmful to our body.Often we unknowingly reheat it. Let’s we can see which foods cannot be reheated for a second time.

          First one is chicken.Chicken contains more protein. If we reheat it,it may cause abdominal pain and indigestion.  Egg also should not be reheated. Because egg contains more protein. It also affects digestive system.

           Spinach  should not reheat second time. Because it contains  iron,nitrate. When we reheat it, the nitrate changes to nitrite. Rice,mushroom, beetroot,  potato,coffee,milk should not reheat and use.These life styles affects our health badly.

         Each time food is cooled,stored and reheated,the harmful bacteria  multiplies. If we reheated, its quality decreases.  Make  enough food only.Vegetables contains nitrates. If we reheat it, it is become harmful. If the food remains,making edible bowls.

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