The easiest way to get rid of tooth ache

        Toothache is a major problem that is seen by almost everyone. We use many medications to relieve toothache. But none of them give an effective result. There will p be one relief for that time. Earlier this  problem was with elderly people. 

       We often depend on hospitals for this  problem. In case of toothache, it is common practice to remove the tooth. Today I want to Today I want to  introduce some hidden applications you to a home remedy that will quickly relieve the toothache.

      With an ice pack we can reduce toothache. Rinsing the mouth with salt water can help reduce tooth ache.It will reduce the swelling .

     Take a  garlic and clove .Crush well and mix well. Brush well .place this mixture on the part of toothache. After putting it on the tooth  for an hour,you can see the change .It is very useful remedy. 

        Allicin ,a substance found in  garlic, has the ability to kill bacteria. Dipping clove oil in a cotton wool and applying it on the painful part of the tooth will also relieve the toothache. Chewing cloves in the mouth can help reduce tooth ache.

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