The benefits from subhiksha Keralam scheme 2020 

      Various benefits are now being distributed through the Krishi Bhavan of our local self government in the state of Kerala under the name of Subhiksha  Kerala project . Applications are invited from various organisations such as trust, kudumbasree units,groups extra for acquisition of barren lands in our country and to make the land. Suitable for cultivation we also get a lot of benefits from animal husbandry and aquaculture.

         Under each local body, its activities will start in different ways. In the time of this covid 19 ,if this lockdown continues, our state will be  face a largest starving.Our state is truly a state dependent on other states for what ever need. The state government has started such an initiative as part of a self sufficiency in food production. The state government has now decided to cultivate around 2200 hectares of  fallow land. 

      Its application is now invited. The amount of financial aid announced by the State Government for various crops has  increased this year . The subsidy is now being heavily subsidised for a variety of farms. You can get at least Rs 10,000 for various crops.

        These are the benefits you get from the state government .Maximum amount of Rs 60,000 will be available for purchase of milk cows and buffaloes. Tribes get the same amount. 50%  of the Rs 60,000 will be given to general category and 75% to ST candidates. There is also help in raising poultry eggs.Egg chicks will be given to those who apply. Getting 2 months old chicks . 

     Pig farming assistance can be obtained from here. The scheme provides up to Rs 40,000 for raising pig let’s. For cattle making, our state government give for  general category 50 % of the construction cost . They get up to Rs 25,000 . We can spend your days in our home working on cattle feed, which is included in the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme .

          Similarly dairy farms can get up to RS 50,000 for modernization . Special assistance will be given for the crop cultivation of the proposed  pond. The general category get subsidy 40 % of the project costing about Rs 1,50,000. The SC gets 75% of it. Scheduled tribes will get 100 % subsidy. Various farm houses can be promoted to any of these.

        If  you are interested in starting any of these ,contact the Krishi Bhavan near you. Please share this information to others.

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