The benefit Rs 30,000 for the marriage of  differently abled woman

        Today I would like to tell you about  one of the biggest help in our state government provides to girls the assistance available. This benefit is get up to two members per  family. This scheme is called a parinayam scheme. Previously the benefit was Rs 10,000.

       According to the 2020 budget, the amount for this benefit  is Rs 30,000. So try to apply for this benefit and get this  benefit . This scheme is implemented by the state government. This scheme is managed by the department of Social Justice. Up to two daughters of a family can get this benefit. This benefit is available as a one time assistance. 


  • Children of differently abled people with the financial difficulties. 
  • For the marriage of a differently abled women.

            The application must be made before the district Social Justice officer. Your annual income should be Rs 1 lakh or less. The ration card should be BPL or AAY card . Generally, a BPL card is obtained if the family has different tables persons. Two people in a family can get this benefit. The next person will be entitled to three years after receiving the benefit.

            If the marriage is legally divorced, after getting the benefit of Rs 30,000,  the second marriage of the girl will also get help from the government. If you apply for this benefit and then died before marriage, receiving this benefit, other relatives of their family can get this benefit after giving clear document.


  • Ration card
  • Income certificate 
  • must be over 18 years of age .
  • Birth certificate 
  • disability certificate 
  • The application form

            The applications must be submitted within one month of marriage engagement . Please share this information to others.

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