The APL card has kit and no buyer

              Our state government kit delivery is now available to APL card holders. Distribution has now begun for those with blue cards.Since its distribution, very few people have reached the ration shop and received the kit.As a result few changes have been made to the current distribution. The distribution of the kit reached to its conclusion. Because the priority sections kit distribution is completed .The third phase of distribution is currently available to APL subsidy card holders. Only until the 14 th, they can buy the kit. At the same time, they also have to buy a share of the ration this month . As far as APL card holders are concerned, the state government  has allotted 10 kg of rice in this month. You should also take care to ask for them . The cost is Rs 15 per kg.

      In addition, you can also receive a ration share that you receive on a regular basis . After may 20 ,the priority category (BPL card holder) will be the rise as well as 1 kg of pulses announced by the central government . With all of that ,we sometimes have and then the supply may be interrupted. That is why, they were told before May 20, to  receive rations and kit and so on. Distribution to APL card holders has started from the may 8. But only some people came to the ration shops to receive this survival kit . Of the 25 lakh card holders, only 4 lakh people have come through the ration shops across the state to receive the kit. That is why ,most recently the distribution of the kit was arranged in such a way that the last digit of the card  appeared. Such settings are now removed from EPOS machine. 

     So any day you go, you can get the kit .Keep in mind that ,the distribution of the kit is up to  the may 14th. So you don’t have to wait for the kit anymore. you can go today and get ration share and your kit. Now if the kit not  get to some stores,learn one thing. Currently after coordination of these measures ,by Taluk supply offices, currently hard working with a lot of volunteers, supplyco employees doing all the packing processes. This could be due to delays in packing as well as the  lack of people, the kit is out of reach for some ration shops. Those who do have to buy the kit will get some discounts. But the kit is available in almost every ration shops. 

       So if you don’t want the Kit, you should SMS or very soon be sure to buy the survival kit you deserve. After may 14 ,APL non subsidy (white card) is also an option to get  the kit. In the ration shops, no more than five people can stand at a time. More ever 1 metre distance must be kept. As before, OTP on the phone is not the way to tell OTP . In order to ensuring greater transparency in ration distribution now as per the recommendation of Central Government that the distribution of food share is now being done only after the fingerprint taken .

L   Now on  your ration card, anybody in your family linked to Aadhar, can get a share of the food we get .Working hours of the ration shop will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the time of this lockdown. please share this information to others.

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