Tasty Honey Candy with dosa batter


               Today we are going to make  honey Candy that everyone loves so much. This Candy is not seen in shops now. This Candy is one of the most sought  box stores in the past. We can make this candy at home with the simplest method with Dosa flour. Let us see how it is made.


  • Dosa/ idli batter  – 1 cup
  • Orange or red colour  – 2drops 
  • Baking soda  – ½ teaspoon
  • Salt     – 1 pinch
  • Oil

      All  it needs a thick dosa batter  which was previously grilled we have to make the honey candy , after 8 hours it is grinding. To get the orange colour, add two drops of orange colour. You can also add baking soda to make the batter rise  well.

      You can add a tablespoon of salt  to keep the balance . Mix it well. Now we can make this batter into small and fry it in oil . When we mix ,we can immediately fry it  into the oil. Once the oil is well heated, reduce the flame very low. After wetting the hand, take the batter into small balls and put it  into the oil and fry it.It will soon be rolls. Fry until the flour is crispy. Then the inside of it will be well baked .

     You can then try it on a  medium flame. It is a simple method. Young children should be given a little turmeric powder instead of colour.Lets  take when it comes to being good crispy. Now prepare and extract honey for this purpose.

 Sugar syrup


  • sugar   – 200 gram 
  • water   – ½ cup 

         Put 200 gram of sugar into a pan .Add ½  cup of water to it. Boil it and you should get a hard sugar syrup .You can be turned off the flame  before a string arrives. Only then you can get that honey syrup completed . 

       When the sugar syrup thick,  we can turn off the flame. Put all the candies we had  prepared earlier into the sugar syrup. Mix it well. Let it dip in  the sugar syrup for 30 minutes . We can get our honey candy sweet as soft. Please try this and  share to others. it is very tasty candy.

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