Sumithram -multipurpose kerala state  loan scheme,how to apply 


     We got a lot of benefits  from Central and state governments during this lock down period. It was a relief to all the common people. Most people lost their jobs because of the lock down. In this situation it is very difficult to get a loan from a bank. Because of the lack of a proper income. Today we are going to introduce a loan scheme which will be very useful for us in this situation. It is a Kerala government scheme. This is  a scheme also useful for those who find it difficult to get their girls  marriage.

      It is called a sumithra multipurpose loan scheme. It is the Kerala state minorities Development Finance Corporation scheme. This loan scheme offers financial help for various purposes. Loans upto 5 lakh at 6% interest will be given for persons from minority communities for the marriage of their daughters.

      We will get upto 5 lakh loan for medical treatment purposes. It’s interest rate is 5 %. And also loans are available for those who have lost their livelihood due to covid 19. They can start a new business with this loan.

      The loan amount for studies abroad has been increased from 20 lakh to 30 lakh. Loans will be given for  joint application under the self employment and Business expansion schemes. The income limit for application has been increased to Rs 600000. The home loan interest was reduced from 8 % to 6%.

      We will get visa loans,educational  loans,and loans for government  officials from this scheme. The maximum loan amount that can be given in a year is Rs 6 lakhs. KSMDFC provides self employment Business expansion loans and loans are also available for joint applications. 

         The income limit for visa loans has been increased to Rs 600000. We can apply for a home loan scheme at any time. Education loan amount has been increased from 10 lakh to 15 lakh.we can download  the application  form from Kerala state minorities Development Finance Corporation.  We can submit regional  offices.

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