Students get Rs 300 to Rs 500 as food coupon from school

       Today I would like to inform  you  about a good news for school children.It is very useful for us . It gives us central and state governments. Due to covid-19,online education is now available to all school children up to  9 th class. 

        Today I would like to share with you about the nutrition that is government and government aided students get. This benefit is available only if you have a ration card with the students name on it . 

      It is essential that you bring the ration card to school to purchase the coupon. Ration card number will be mentioned on the coupon. With this coupon we can buy goods from the nearest supplyco.

      At present,students are not getting the food security allowance they deserve. So now our government gives  proportional coupon to them.

        Lower primary section students get Rs 300 coupon,Upper primary section students get Rs 500 coupon. This benefit is available to students upto 8th class.

Parents must go to the school and receive these coupons .

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