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 Many storekeeper vacancies are available in Dubai. If you are interested, you can apply for this position. A storekeeper is responsible for managing Inventory of goods in a retail store. You can find storekeeper jobs in Dubai. If you have no experience, you can apply with your knowledge and skills. Storekeeper should know how to receive, inspect and store inventory items. They should maintain accurate inventory records also. They should know the picking and preparing orders. Coordinating, supervising, training, conducting and handling products is very important.

Company Name Al Benaa , Marsa village, ADH
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time
Job Published Date24.03.2023
Expected salary.Attractive salary
Salary Unit Monthly

 They should have excellent organisation skills to work independently. Communication and interpersonal skills are mandatory. They should interact with vendors, customers and suppliers. They should have the basic knowledge about computer skills. It doesn’t need a high qualification.

 Store keeper should know how to manage inventory levels. They should check the right products are in stock. Otherwise it may cause over stocking, or stock out or wastage. Store keeper should manage inventory efficiently. They can control the cost  and maximise profit. They can improve the satisfaction of customers. They should handle the equipment safely. Store keeper has an important role to improve the business.

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Abu Dhabi hospitality

  1. Storekeeper
  2.  Gardener
  3.  Kitchen technician
  4.  Waiter or waitress
  5.  Housekeeping attendant
  6.  Guest service agent
  7.  Female captain
  8.  Commis 2
  9.  Demi Chef De partie
  10.  Operation supervisor for banquets
  11.  Events coordinator sales 

Al benaa

  1. Store keeper
  2.  HVAC supervisor
  3.  Procurement officer
  4.  HVAC engineer
  5.  Agriculture engineer 

Marsa village

  1. Store keeper
  2. Runners
  3.  Supervisors
  4.  Barista (preferably female )
  5.  Captaines (Arabic with UAE experience)
  6.  Waitress with UAE experience
  7.  Senior accountant with F&B expertise
  8.  Work chef 
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Job benefits of storekeeper

  1.  Job benefits very depending on the companies.
  2.  They provide attractive salary packages to the Employees. It is based on their experience 
  3.  They provide health insurance packages to the employees
  4.  Retirement benefits are also available to the store keepers.
  5.  They provide paid time off for sick leave or vacation time.
  6.  Some companies offer discounts on the product for store keepers.
  7.  They provide promotions to the store keepers who perform well and demonstrate leadership.
  8.  Well training and development programmes provided to the store keepers to improve their skills. It helps to improve their job performance

Abu Dhabi Hospitality

 Abu Dhabi hospital is a famous Hospital. They provide a luxurious experience with high quality service to the customers. It is focused on sustainability. It helps to reduce environmental impact. Abu Dhabi Hospital has a wide range of restaurants and serves cuisine. Accommodations are also available. They provide activities and attractions for tourists. This hospitality has a wide range of Hotels, restaurants and resorts. They provide a high level of service to the guest.

Al Benaa

 It is a construction and Engineering Company in Abu Dhabi. This company is famous in designing, engineering and project management. It has Maine other projects in Industrial, commercial and residential sectors. They provide steel structure and Aluminium works services. This company has experienced and skilled professionals. Now they are hiring new candidates for their vacant positions. They provide customer service. This company maintains a high standard of quality and safety.

Marsa village

 Marsa village is a residential development company in Dubai. It provides a wide range of townhouses and apartments. It includes swimming pools, fitness centres, gardens and children’s play areas.


 Candidates should have an instructive degree. Experience is required in the same field.Computer skills are necessary. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills are mandatory.

How to apply

 If you are eligible and interested you can apply online. Submit your curriculum to apply for store keeper jobs in Dubai through the official website of these companies. send perfect matching CV . Click the apply now button.

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