Stainfree,germ free,vitrified marbonite digital white tiles at affordable  price


     Tiles are the best functional accessory in a house. Tiles provide protection for areas of your home. It improves the look of our house. It plays an important role in interior design. It provides character to your interiors and makes them fabulous in looks and high in functionality. If you want to make your home beautiful and elegance your space ,you should select an incredible range of white tiles. It is suitable for your floor and wall installations. A variety of white tiles are available in the market . 

     Unique designs ,patterns and styles are ideal for floor and wall installation. White tiles are durable and long lasting tiles. You can create a look of your dreams with white tiles. White tiles are made with ceramic, double charged, vitrified, full body materials. Why are tiles versatile and it is available in various shades. You can select preferable options for your bathroom or kitchen. White tiles are made with the best quality material. These tiles are made with ceramic materials and some of them are made with vitrification  to provide them extra strength and durability.

       White walls and the floor tiles are available in different sizes. White ceramic wall tiles are smooth and with a textured surface. It should not have stains because it is protected by glaces. It is penetrable to liquids like oil, wine, coffee, creams ,enamels, solvent and  perfumes etc. These tiles are easy to install. It is  easy to clean and durable without maintenance. A cloth dampened with warm water is enough to restore its original appearance. These wall tiles don’t fade even when exposed permanently to direct sunlight.

    White body ceramic wall tiles are not porous. So we can choose these tiles in the kitchen ,bathroom and the internal walls exposed to humidity. These tiles resist vinegar, lemon juice, cola, hydrochloric acid etc. It is a safe material for every type of application on internal walls. White tiles are good for your home interior because they provide Illusion of space. It reflects light and airy Vibe to your rooms.

      White tiles make a room bigger and brighter. White tiles express a feeling of cleanliness and simplicity. White is a symbol of Innocence, peace and beauty. Many people prefer using white floor tiles for their spaces. Now white tiles are pocket  friendly material. You can select the ones that suit your budget.

     We can see a house made with Johnson white tiles .It is in thrissur.First they paved mosaic and then used 160× 80 white tiles.We can see vitrified digital marionette tiles.It is good quality material. It is stain and germ free material.  It has a silvery coating. It prevents germs. It is a pure white  material. 

      It has 10mm thickness. It is vitrified digital tile.They used gum to pave these tiles. Do not use cement to pave these tiles. Because  it may cause detachment.Then use vibratory,spacer and epoxy work. It has durability. They provide 3mm space.They used white epoxy.They used white tiles to the staircase also.It is digital  vitrified tiles.It is made with 45° angle. It has 100 % guarantee. They used pure white glossy tile in the kitchen and work area.

      They used glass bonds to the tiles. It gives white glossy finish  to the tiles.They used white tiles to the bathrooms.  They paved tiles above it. You should use black epoxy to the bathroom should use a full body black floor interior bathroom. Do not use glossy tiles on the floors of the bathroom. You should  use epoxy and steel coupling in the walls of the bathroom. You can use glass bonds between tiles.Then peel excess can use LED 6000 lights.It has Rs 79+ / square feet.

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