SSLC,Plus two exams are likely to be postponed to April

       Today I would  like to inform you about an important news. The exam time of our students is in March. It’s one of the most important steps in their lives. Earlier it was announced that the SSLC plus 2 exams would  start on March 17 .All preparations for the exam began in schools. Model examinations of students are currently underway in our state.8

      According to the latest notification the exam dates will change. It has been reported that the main exams may be postponed to April.Teachers have to be given election duties as the election draws near.

     This is also a situation that is getting worse covid-19. That is why we have to follow the rules of covid-19. KSTA , the main teachers Union has submitted a petition to the government. They said that the exam should be postponed to April.

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