how to calculate Square  feet


      The square feet is the unit of an area.mostly it is used to calculate the unit of a house. It is a handy skill that is easy to know the total square area,you can estimate the cost of materials for home improvement projects like painting. It will improve your writing. You can know how much space those numbers actually amount. Understanding square footage is helpful in calculating the price of your space, it allows you to break down rental prices into price per square feet.

        Square feet is the amount of flat space that covers an area. You can know the length and width of the area. It helps to know the surface area you have to work with. It helps to make decisions  about figuring out if your room can fit a full or queen size bed. 

       It will help to make a plan for the best arrangement for your unique space.we can calculate  the square  feet. Multiply the length and width of the area. The unit of measure impacts how you calculate square  feet,because it is the most common measurement used .We can easily translate other units of measure like inches using the basic formula.

     We can calculate square feet of rectangular rooms,rooms with closets,odd shaped rooms,etc. 

Length ×width =area in square feet.Usable square feet is used in commercial real estate to the square feet a tenant  can actually  use.In residents, usable square  feet is surface  area of personal  space in the houses.

       A square foot is very  important  in our life. We can measure our rooms for tiling, roofing sheets ,etc. We can use measuring tapes to calculate square feet.1 feet =30.48 cm.Meter square  = length × width.we should take measure in meters .we can change square meter into square feet. Square feet = square meter×10.7639.

     Meter cube is the volume of a cube with edges one meter in length. Meter Cube =  length × width× height.we can use Meter Cube for measuring  concrete  mix.

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