Special food supply from the central government 

          In this time of Covid19 ,the central government has allocated a total amount of about 1.7 lakh a crores for the implementation of a common scheme called Garib Kalyan Yojana. As part of that plan, the decision was taken to distribute free food items to various states, across the country. Its  distribution in Kerala will begin on April 20th. When it does , those who are eligible are on the priority list. 

                   This free food delivery is going to disappoint  the APL subsidy blue card and APL non subsidy white cards, which are included in the priority list .

They have been expelled from this scheme . For pink card (priority category BPL ),yellow card (AAYcategory) both will receive free food delivery and 1 kg of pea.

          At present ,the matter of the pea is on the decision ,but we have to get to our country from other states. So even if its delivery is delayed, you will definitely get it . At present , one member per card gets  5 kg of rice . Try all beneficiaries in order to get asked for it . Remember in the present case,it is not the biometric system. 

         The OTP comes to the registered phone, registering that way and buying food items. Otherwise the registration system and  issuance of the card are present. This is just a temporary arrangement implemented in the time of this covid 19 . The benefits you are entitled to eligible for cards in the priority categories. The distribution is expected to  begin on April 20 and 21 . 

         The distribution will then be available to AAY card holders. BPL card holders can available of this benefit from the 22nd of this month.  The card member receives 5 kg of rice. The central government has decided to add one more pea. It consists of sections like lentils,nuts, or Seaweed. Our state government has selected pulses. But our  state needs to reach this from other states. It’s a short delay and then you get it.

        More over the benefit will be for 3 months . This is an addition to the states food benefit . Most disappointing is for those in the non- priority category. That is for APL cards . A lot of people have gone out of the priority list ,with the current financial situation is devastating . Even those who are currently applying for a ration card are issued with APL category list. They have lost one of the greatest benefit. 

         Any cardholder who is currently in the priority category is automatically excluded from the priority list, or if for some other reasons , the state government excludes it from the card, the applicant will be consider on the eligibility criteria. 

       This is a sad news for the all non-priority groups, as they are currently not accepting applications for the priority list. While conditions are restrictive  in our own States, but in other states are very bad situations.

 Let us not  pretend that we do not see such schemes ,now being worked out for us by various governments.

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