Special benefits  available during Onam

         Our state government  is again giving us a lot of benefits. The state government is giving us some of the benefits that make us happy in this situation where covid-19 is on the rise as well as in the floods. Sir Thomas Isaac gave an explanation of it. 

        The state government is now offering a few more benefits to the public that will benefit the people this August. The state government is now crediting a few more benefits to the people in the bank account or hands of the public. Today I want to share with you about a few schemes. Check if you are a member of those schemes.

               The packing of free kits provided by the state government for Onam has again started. The kit was supposed to be delivered from August 5 and has now been postponed. The tender has now been invited from various agencies for kit distribution. This kit is available to all ration card holders. Distribution of different ration cards will be on different dates. Only dates are yet to be announced.

              Now is the time to mustering the pension for those receiving  social welfare pensions. The last date is until the 16th of August. You can do mustering at Akshaya Centres or janaseva Kendra by presenting a life certificate. You will also receive the dues if you do the mustering.

          There are a lot of people in Kerala who buy welfare pensions. There are about a 70 lakh beneficiaries of social welfare pensions. They received around Rs 2600 in the first phase itself. The pension amount for the months of May and June has now reached the bank accounts. The cabinet has decided to pay the July- August pension amount in advance. The date has not yet been decided. Therefore another Rs 2600 is going to the bank accounts of the pensioners. Therefore it will cost around Rs 1800 crore.

             The common man received benefits from various welfare funds.AAY,  BPL card holders who did not getting any of that benefit were given Rs 1,000 each.

              Special kits are provided to the fishermen. They also get allowance of  Rs 3, 000. If you are not getting the benefits you are entitled to contact the ward member or the concerned  local government body.

        There are a  lot of people in our society who are members of the employment Guarantee. Now with a lot of restrictions on the covid-19 and flood  background with the Employment Guarantee scheme. Special benefits are provided for those who completed 100 working days. The state government has decided to deposit Rs 1, 000 in their bank accounts.

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