Some useful benefits  of comfort 


        Today I would  like  to inform you about some tricks using comfort. Comfort gives your clothes  fragrance, shine and feel. It is a conditioner that ensures they get the care they deserve.It gives the clothes feeling soft and gentle on your skin.

        It keeps clothes looking newer for longer and after washing it speeds drying times and helps make ironing easier.  It protects the clothes against color fading.

       We can use comfort to other  uses. Here are some new tips. Comfort is  something that is used only to get the smell of clothes in our homes. But there are many other benefits to using them.

       When we cook meat and fish curry in our houses , the whole house is filled with its smell. Let me tell you a simple idea to change that smell. It is very useful for us.

      In a saucepan bring some water and boil.Pour comfort to it.and boil it.It helps to get a pleasant  smell in the kitchen.After that ,put it in a bowl and place in the rooms.Room fresheners are very costly.  So we can use this method.

      Take a spray bottle,pour this liquid and spray it to the bathroom. It removes bad smells. We can spray this liquid in a cotton cloth or tissue  and wipe the mirrors with it. It cleans the mirror well and gives a pleasant  smell.

      We can spray this liquid  at the time of ironing. It gives a fresh feel to the clothes.. Even if you wipe the floor with comfort, you will still get a good smell inside the house.we can spraythis liquid in the artificial flowers,carpets,sofa,etc.Dip a cotton in comfort and place it in the  washing machine. It helps to get a pleasant smell in the clothes.

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