Some things we don’t pay attention to on YouTube

      We are all use YouTube’s apps on mobile. We have to keep our whatsapp and Facebook messenger locked on our mobile. But do we lock the YouTube app? 

       Even children in our homes can search YouTube and watch their favourite videos. Today I would like to share with you a few things we need to keep in mind while using YouTube.

        Someone else can watch the videos we watch on YouTube through our phone. They can also see the details of what we searched.

       It is very useful for you. We can still see the words we searched for on YouTube even if we close the phone and open it again. It’s visible on the devices on which we use an email id. You can see the search history and the videos we watched.

           Below YouTube you will see an icon called library. We can see the videos we saw there under the title reset. There you can see all the details we searched for in history. In the past, for deleting YouTube history using clear watch history and clear search history would be cleared in the settings. 

       Now we can see turn on incognito in the youtube. If you select it and press got it , you can see a small change in the YouTube app.  We can see a spy icon instead of profile icon and’ you are incognito’. No matter what you search or watch it is no longer stored on the device.

      After clicking on the spy icon  and turning off Incognito ,we can see that nothing has been saved in the history.

        Using a mobile phone for a long time can damage our eyes. In settings in general  enable” remind me to take a break “and select a specific time. YouTube will remind us that it is time for that test. Similarly we can enable Limit mobile data.we can save data.

       And we can select double tap to seek and select 5 – 60 mts.If we play a longer video,we can see after the selected time while twice tap the screen.We can also select the video HD/original. We can see the trended videos of selected country.

      If children are using mobile phones, enable restricted mode. Adult videos watched by people over the age of 18 can be avoided in related videos. 

     We can select the quality of videos manually.We can control  the speed from 3 dots appear in the time of watching videos.

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