Some natural hair packs for hair to grow well 

           Good hairstyles for men or women, gives us confidence and happiness. That is why ,so many people are using single ingredient combinations coming up on YouTube or social media and trying to enhance the beauty of our hair . But there is one thing to understand. Many  of the things that get in and around our home apply on the scap are good quality or harmful. We should apply this type of hair on our scalp only .

After looking at the nature of our hair (weather our hair is dry or oily or normal hair). So let me explain a few things that are easy to get around us and that  can apply on scalp once you understand its advantages and the circumstances under which it can be used, you can create and apply many effective combinations for yourself or for children.

 Hair pack ingredients


     When we plan to apply the hair pack to our hair the most possible. Fenugreek is the most popular ingredient. The fenugreek should be emerged in water for 12 hours and it should be grinded and used. 


  • It has high levels of proteins, nicotinic acid.
  • It contains the antioxidant properties our scalp needs .
  • Once a week, scrub it on the scalp,it  keep our scalp clean.
  • It  also helps to increase hair glow.
  • It increases the thickness of the hair.
  • It helps to reduce the tendency of hair breakage. Therefore we can use fenugreek as an ingredient in any hair pack we use on our hair.


          After fenugreek, yogurt  is the most commonly used ingredient.


  • Yogurt contains a lot of bacteria that are beneficial to our body.
  • It contains the highest levels of lactic acid.
  • When we apply it on the scalp, if there is a bacterial inflammation in the scalp, it will help to heal it .
  • It also helps to  relieve problems like dandruff, fungus, inflammation and seborrheic dermatitis .
  • People who have dry skin, may have dandruff problems. 
  • Yoghurt is an ingredient of a hair pack that can be used  safely.
  • It contains high levels of B complex vitamins and Vitamin D.
  •  It also enhances  the immunity power in our scalp.
  • This helps to prevent  infection from occurring .
  • If you have regular itching on your scalp, it will use once or twice a week will reduce it.


          Lemon is used by many people in the scalp . Lemon is an  ingredient that is always used in our homemade hair packs.


  •  The speciality of lemon juice is that, it contains vitamin C that helps to reduce inflammatory changes in our scalp.
  •  It helps stay  in our scalp healthy hair follicles will grow .
  • One things to keep in mind is that , lime juice is more allergic to people with dry skin tendencies, people who have a plaque  like inflammation and those who have a problem with the seborrhoeic dermatitis.
  • Once you apply lemon juice, it will make your scalp neat, but the next day or after 2 days, it can lead to increased dermatitis in the scalp.
  • What hair pack you make, only one or two drops of lemon juice.
  • If your scalp  is dry, make sure to avoid lemon juice as  much as possible.

 Olive oil

         Olive oil is one of the most common oil used in hair packs.


  •  It helps to keep our skin oily from drying out .
  • Olive oil is rich in vitamin E.
  • Often we have itching /dermatitis/ hair loss in the scalp. We can use vitamin E capsule are broken down and applied. It is very effective.
  •  We can use olive oil contains a lot of vitamin E.
  • It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • It enhances our scalps  immunity .
  • It reduces recurrent  inflammation in the scalp.

Egg white 

        Egg white is a cleansing agent that we can apply to the scalp. These are some who use egg whites or whole. If you have problems with excess oils, on the hair  like egg white to clear it,there is no better natural conditioner. When we apply egg white,this will create more dryness on the scalp .


  • In egg white,albumin is present.
  • With so much protein in it,it can increase  the thickness of our hair.
  • It improves  health of our hair.
  • It  reduces inflammation of the scalp.
  • If you have dry skin, mix with yogurt and egg whites.
  • If you have oil scalp, you can use egg white directly .
  • Instead of Shampooing,you should use egg  whites as a natural conditioner,Scrub on your head. 
  • Rinse off after five minutes. This will help clean up  the hair, removing the dirt and dust.
  • For people with dry skin, mixed with yogurt .

Coconut milk

      Coconut milk is one of the safest ingredient to use for hair growth.

  •  Take coconut milk and apply it on your scalp ,the immune system is increased.
  • It contains the B complex vitamin .
  • It has antibacterial property.
  • Coconut milk helps to relieve the pain and tenderness to come up just like a small scar on our scalp . 
  • It can be applied to the hair pack or directly for one or two days a week.
  •  If direct, a little warming up and applying to your scalp will increase blood flow.
  • It will increases the health of hair follicles.

 Virgin coconut oil

 It  is great for rubbing on  the head. It has a combination of Vitamin E and loric acid.


  • This will reduce hair loss.
  • Daily on night, take half tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and Vitamin E capsule, applying a little to the scalp to help relieve chronic dermatitis.

 Onion juice

              The use of onion is good for direct application on the scalp and applying on the hair pack.

  •  On hair loss, the content of sulphur in the onion increases the health of the cuticle in the hair.
  • Mainly the hair has three layers .
  • The most exterior cuticle keeps the hair thick.
  • The second is cortex and the third is medulla.
  • The  cuticle layer suddenly breaks. Usually, applying the juice of onion keeps your hair from breaking. You can use it once or twice in a week.
  • Onion juice increases the circulation of the scalp.
  •  It  will increases the  hair growth.
  •  It  helps to reduce premature grey .
  • It prevent hair thinning.


Besan  is one of the  ingredient in hair packs we can use.

  •  For people with oily hair, it can be used on scalp as  hair packs.
  •  It reduces hair loss.
  •  The use of besan can increase our skin dryness.
  •  People who have dry scalp, dry dandruff and dry hair ,should not use besan.

 Porridge water

          You can apply porridge water or rice washing water to your scalp.


  •  It contains carbohydrates, B complex, vitamins, Minerals and amino acids. 
  • It increases the thickness of the hair .
  • It  increases glow and health of your hair and health of cuticles.
  • It  is changing the hair tightening .
  • It keep the shining of hair.
  • It  increases the health of scalp.
  • The fermented water is the best. 

Dry skin    :- yogurt, olive oil( increase )

Oily skin   :- lemon juice ,fenugreek (increase) 

        Of these three ingredients can be used one time. Make the hair pack for fresh and apply. Leave it on your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. if not cleaned   well, it can cause allergies. Rinse with mild shampoo. Do not leave it overnight or one or two hours. There is a risk for swelling.

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