Some important kitchen tips

                Today I would like to share with you some tips that will help us in the kitchen. If you listen to these tips, it will help make your kitchen tasks a little easier.

                       Everyone wants Puri to rise as good as it gets when it comes to Puri for breakfast. But sometimes when it is made, the puri does not rise as well. To make the Puri, we  knead the chapati dough and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes heat the oil and fry the puri. We do not add anything else to the dough. Heat the oil well and fry the  puri. When we make puri like this, we need less than the oil we normally use.

                      This is a great tip for those who are reluctant to make chapatis.We knead the chapati dough and roll it into equal parts. Make small balls and press them lightly with your hands. put oil on each one and place on top. Let’s put 3 rolled dough like that and then spread the chapati as usual.Add ordinary  wheat flour and roll out. When spreading spread lightly thick. Then put it in a heated pan. Then you can stir and fry each chappathi. 

                  We usually use lemon or vinegar when making paneer at home. Instead of these we have good fermented  yogut, but we can make good soft paneer at home. To do this, boil the milk well and add yogurt. Then we will have paneer and water separately. Paneer tastes good when we add it to curries,  if you want it to be soft add a little salt in hot water and soak the Paneer in it for half hour. We will then get a nice soft paneer.

  • The plastic cover that brings us meat and fish should be thoroughly washed and kept dry. If left unmanaged, it may cause  bad smell.
  • When we cook anything in the cooker, water comes over the whistle.
  •  To prevent this from happening, add a little oil when we cook. 
  • Our homes have old filters.With it  we can grow micro greens. Nothing else is needed here,  just water and seeds. We can grow healthy tasty microgreens with this filters.

                 This is the time when we need a lot of leafy vegetables because we just need to increase our immunity power every day. Drumstick trees can be seen in all our house. Drumstick leaves are very difficult to clean.

                      Let’s see how to clean the drumstick leaves. Take the drumstick leaves the day before.Then wrap in a damp cloth. By morning, all its leaves have fallen off. If we do that, we will get  good fresh leaves. No need to put it in the fridge. After that we put it in water for a while and when we make it we get clean.

Please try this tips to your kitchen and share this information to others.

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