Electronic devices  are very important  in our day to day  life. Home electronics will make it easier to understand the opportunities  for saving energy  in many different   Electronic products. Electronics in our daily life are made up of active and passive activities. It has become difficult for us to do any work without using electronic devices. It makes our daily activities  easier. We live in a generation t0 %hat uses electronics  where robots are capable of doing human work with more efficiency.

      We can see a place where we get high technological home appliances.  It is in electronic and home appliances, Ajmal bismi ,kalamassery. We can buy a lot of the latest  technology  home appliances  and electronics from  here.

       First we can see a smart washing machine. Washing machines are a very important  part of our life.It is the LG latest technology  device. It has a lot of artificial  changes. It is a full functional  model.It has 9 kg washing ,5 kg 100 % drier. It doesn’t need to dry super.  . It is a condensation  dryer.It is think like a human. 

       You should load the dress and put on the power. Machine automatically  senses the program.It is an artificial  intelligent director. It has no vibration.we can connect it with our smart phone. We can handle it through our mobile. It makes sense the time,  load ,detergent ,etc. It has an additional item . We can select and load clothes.  It has hit wash, steam wash. It is 99% germ free. It is an inverter direct drive. It requires low power consumption. It has a 2 year full warranty  and a 10 year motor warranty. Its prize is Rs 74,990.

     We can control the washing machine through smart phones. Download the thinQ application.  It is available  for android and we can control it. These washing  machines can connect to your wifi network. You can set it manually  also.we can start ,pause,stop washing machine using your phone.It has also auto dosing detergent facility also.

     These machines detect issues and are maintained.It has also steam washes and a cycle to clean the drum.  It also has a memory feature. These machines remember most used programs and suggest it. It won’t start if the door is open.  

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