Smart ration  card – advantages, how to apply


       Ration card is an important document in India. It was launched by the government of India to help all of the citizens of India. Now ration cards are changed  from the form of booklets into smart cards. A smart ration card is the size of an ATM card. We can use it as an identity card also. The front side of the identity card has a photo  QR code of the owner and barcode. The other side has monthly income ,the number of the ration store , electricity connection and  LPG gas connection etc. We can change our ration card to a smart card. We can apply for a smart card directly at the Taluk Supply office. Otherwise we can apply for a smart card online. If our ration card is approved by the Taluk Supply office , it will reach the applicants login page. We can use it by downloading the PDF version and taking a smart card when the notification is available from the taluk office.

       Smart ration card includes the contact numbers of Taluk Supply officers and  ration inspectors. It is a modification of e ration card inaugurated by food and civil supplies Minister P thilothaman. Those people who require smart ration cards should pay Rs 25 and Kerala government will consider giving smart ration card priority categories at its own expense.We have to collect Smart cards from the taluk office. We can see QR code scanners at ration shops. So we can use smart ration cards at the ration shops QR code scanner would also be kept with POS machines.All members of ration  card  should be linked their adhar card with ration card. 

Advantages of smart ration  card

  • Smart ration card is the size of a postcard
  • It has QR code and barcode.
  • It contains name, photo ,address, monthly income, ration shop number ,electricity details and LPG connection details.
  • Details of card holder and purchase details appear while scanning the smart card.And details appear on mobile number.
  • It is easily carried anywhere.
  • We can use this card as an identity card.
  • We can apply for a smart card through Akshaya centres.

How to apply for smart ration  cards

  • Visit the official  website of Civil supply corporation.
  • Select citizen login option 
  • You can select the citizen option.
  • Click create an account option.
  • Enter ration card number  and aadhar card number.
  • Create a user ID and password. 
  • Enter Email ID.
  • Enter mobile number. 
  • Submit the application. 
  • Then login using ID and password. 
  • Link aadhar number of all members  to ration  card.
  • Click the English data  entry,Then type English  and submit the details .
  • Click the print option. 
  • Select pvc card.
  • You will get a password. Enter the password and submit it. 
  • You can see smart card. 
  • You can take print and laminate it. 

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