Small portable  inverter   – Importance, how to make 

    Inverters are also called variable frequency  drives or AC drives. Inverters are electronic devices that can turn direct current  to alternating current. It helps to control speed .It needs electricity  to run.we can see Inverter  refrigerators  and air conditioners at home, offices,malls and online shops. Inverters are energy  efficient  appliances.we can see electric  motors in most devices like small Electronics. Matching the motor speed to the required  process is very important to avoid wasting  energy. Inverters are used to control  electric motors ,boosting productivity and saving energy. 

    Inverters help to save energy. It can reduce energy consumption by 20 to 50 percent  by controlling motor rotation. It delivers power at low frequency. It controlled the starting current. It reduces power line disturbances.we can install it simply. An inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment in  a solar energy system. It converts direct current electricity to alternative current electricity. 

       An inverter  converts DC electricity  from batteries to AC electricity. It can be at any required voltage. It can operate AC equipment designed  for mains operation to produce DC at any desired  voltage. It directly affects how much energy you will get from your panels .Inverters are used in a wide range in various  applications. It is used in houses, recreational  vehicles,  marinez,etc. Inverters  are designed  with built  in batteries. essential to recharge the battery bank upon the supply of AC power. Luminous batteries are the best one for replacing the batteries in Inverters.  

       Inverters are available from various companies in the market. It is an easy process to identify good inverters because it will be reliable and it has the ability to handle large amounts of loads .It is protected under lightning .We can see how to make a small  inverter.  We can use it to work television, fan, LED lights ,etc. It is a portable  inverter. 

       IT needs an inverter cabinet. We can use it to  make a battery  charger,eliminator. We can fit 2 in 1 socket,grommet, and switch  to this cabinet.we can fix 2 in 1 socket using nut and bolt. Make holes to fit the transformer. We can use a small inverter  board for this purpose.we can connect it to small cases. 

      It does not need any type of soldering.connect the switch and transformer to it. Connect the part of 12012 to the TR0TR.After primary connection, connect the batteries. Connect to the positive  and negative parts. We can solder it. Provide output connections of inverters. 

       Connect  to output sockets. Connect neutral and 240 volts. After wiring, connect to the batteries  and we can check the working.  Close the case and we can work it. We can use it to work bulbs, mobile cgar, fan TVs, is very portable. We will get automatic  chargers. 

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