Small businesses starting  at Low investment  – Home delivery service, laundry,mushroom business 


       In India, there are new avenues for investment. The overall  state of the economy plays an important  role in determining  demand for various  products. We can start our own business.  It needs research  in the market.  It helps to know about an opportunity to turn your idea into a successful  business.  A successful  business  needs a business plan. Select a place for starting a business.  Select a name for your brand. Then register your business.  A business is a trade , purchase and sale of products  to make a profit.  

     Choose a small business idea with low investment     cost. If you don’t have enough money you can start a business idea through investors.we can start a business like a big task.The amount of time,money depends  on the business ideas. We can select many ways to start a business. Low investment business  ideas make a great entry for beginners. It needs a solid idea, you should build a brand,put effort into marketing  and provide excellent  service to the customers. 

   BThese businesses need 100 percent  dedication.It  should build  a marketing strategy before starting the business. It helps to become a good business man.we can see some of the low investment  business ideas. 

     Home delivery service  is a low investment  business. Now the demand  for home delivery  service  is increasing. Because of covid 19. In this condition you can start this business.  Create a website,make a strong delivery  network and market  your website.  We can start food delivery  service, grocery delivery  service  ,etc. The demand  for food delivery  has grown substantially. Now most people are shifting  their preferences towards online shopping and food ordering. 

    First you find a niche for your business.  You should focus on specific  types of foods. You should give preferences  to safety and hygiene, Your food always be known for its freshness and quality. You should  completely focus on creating  quality dishes.

    You can use new technology to the maximum. You should create a new website  and list products in an attractive must include account  creation  option can save their details. You kya develop a mobile app for your business. It gives you direct access to your customers’ mobile phones. It gives a chance to market your brand more directly.

    You should obtain all the necessary licences for starting a food delivery business. Otherwise it may lead to strong legal trouble. You can apply for these licences through the FSSAI website. You can start the hyper local delivery of food in India.

    We can start home delivery grocery  services  also. Print business cards and distribute  these cards to houses.It is a creative  business.  We can start  with small investments.  We will get a small purchase charge from this business. It is a good attraction. It reduces additional  expenses. 

      Laundry service is another business. If we implement  a professional  system, it will become  a good business. We can collect the items for washing and after a certain  time return it. It is a very good idea. You study its marketing  strategy  before  starting  this business. You can market hotels, hospitals,  and houses.we can earn a good benefit  from this business.

     Mushroom cultivation is another business. We can start this business at low  investment. It has mainly six steps. First step is composting. In composting we provide nutrients needed for mushrooms to grow. Mainly two types of materials are used for mushroom compost. The most used compost is wheat straw bedded horse manure. Synthetic compost made from hay and crushed corn cobs. It  requires the addition of Nitrogen supplements and conditioning  agent  gypsum.

    Mushroom are fruiting frame of a fungus. Mainly there are three sort of Mushrooms are being cultivated in India. We need a concrete slab , compost turner, trolley for  composting. After composting pasteurization is necessary to kill unwanted bacteria that may be present in the compost. Mushroom spawning is similar to the Seedling stage in agriculture. After spawning cover it with a thin layer of compost and keep it moist. Cover the tray with wet sheet of paper. Then Sprinkle water at intervals. The casing is a covering applied to the spawn composed on which the mushroom slowly and steadily form.

     Casing must be pasteurized to eliminate insects. After caising require the crop management that the compost temperature be kept at around 24°celsius up to 5 days. The mushroom instigates and started growing in the casing.we should need training  for this business.  We can sell Rs 800/ kg. It need hygienity.

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