Skin whitening remedy at home

            I have come today, it is a good tip for skin whitening. Here is  the best home remedy to whiten the skin and face. This remedy that a lot of people requested. This is done  with the ingredients that are now available in the home. Now the beauty parlours are closed . It is not a situation to buy the things to home. So that these two ingredients are also available in every houses.

           We can make a nice shiny face with in this ingredients. Some peoples have  face problems like a blackheads and whiteheads. It reduces the black and white heads, dark spots and patches  on the face.

 It can be keep a good look on the face. If we come from outside ,the face will be a dark shaded. Applying soap with have a  result for a while. But then again it has that dark shade on the face.

      Only one tip is needed to change all that . You get a permanent result. A good look at the face once in a while. It  is best to do once in a week. You will have a freshness. This is the cheapest method in the home. Massage your hands with it, to remove all stains and blemishes from the hand .


Ripe Tomato   – 1

Sugar      – 1tsp

How to use

  • Take a good ripe tomato .
  • Cut and take it in a good round shape.
  •  Dip the sugar well .
  • Once sugar in the tomato is finished, repeat again and massage .
  • Wait it to dry for 10 minutes after massaging .
  • After drying ,wash with normal water . 
  • Never wash with soap.

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